30 Day Shred – Day 25

So I wasn’t very good last night…I said I wasn’t going to snack, but someone who shall remain nameless – Karl – brought dired cranberries and chocolate covered raisins and I kept finding my hand in the contain…I’m sure I had at least 2 servings all totaled…each with 160-180 calories per serving.  Yikes!  That was on top of the jello/oranger sherbet concoction with whipped cream on top…At least my scale didn’t jump up to 155 this morning…that would have seriously put a damper on my mood!

I wasn’t feeling that great this morning (probably from all the sugar/sweets I ingested last night), so I ended up skipping breakfast…bad I know…but I ate lunch early and decided to attempt to shred around 12:30.  Since I haven’t been getting as much of a cardio workout from level 3, more of a toning one, I decided that I should do some intense cardio seeing as I was so bad, calorie intake wise, last night.  Level 2 always got my blood pumping and my lungs burning so that’s what I did.  I still say level 2 is EVIL!  lol  At least my knee didn’t start hurting.  It was a good change of pace and I was able to do some of the more intense moves I couldn’t do well before, like the oblique twists, so I think after I finish my 30 days next week, I’ll jump around between level 2 and 3, maybe throwing in a level 1 just to mix it up a bit, in between the other workout videos I plan to do.  I’m thinking that my belly dancing video will come next.

I’m debating on accepting a challenge put forth by my baby/mommy board.  One member has asked us to do various crunches/sit-ups over the weekend…I like having my weekends off, but it is only a few crunches…I will be going garage sale hopping tomorrow if the weather is decent (I’ve already got my list written out) and will probably make a Target run at some point, so I will get some exercise in…maybe I should just do those crunches,  huh?!  lol


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