A New Workout DVD & A Craft Update

I ended up taking 2 days off from exercising to let my calves heal and I’m glad I did.  I don’t think I could have worked out at all on Tuesday and while I probably could have attempted something yesterday, I gave myself one more day to get better.  Today the pain it there only if I step just right or if press on my left calf (which was the worst of the 2).  I had a hell of a time getting up and getting going this morning.  I decided that I should workout and see if that would perk me up.  So, after breakfast and Bug got a little tv time, I popped in my Denise Austin Ultimate Fat Burner DVD and got to sweating.  The workout was a little longer than the shred but there were lots of cool down periods which gave me time to breath and grab a drink of water.

There were some pros to this DVD.  One is that it works the triceps, which are the most underused muscle in my arm.  I need all the help I can get in that area and this workout gives the tricep a little attention.  Also, many of the moves work the outer thigh area.  My outer thighs could use a little work, too.  I like that there were quick cool downs at the end of each cardio rep which helped keep me from getting too tired too fast during the longer workout.

The cons to the DVD are that it’s longer than the shred.  I’m used to taking 20 minutes of my day to workout and this one is about 45 minutes with the warm up and cool down.  I like the shortness of the shred.  Another con is that you need a workout step.  I don’t have one and in an attempt to get the full benefit of the workout, I used one of Bug’s little step stools and while it worked for the most part, it was smaller than an actual workout step and a lot more tippy…plus, I was worried about jumping on it too hard and breaking it…I’m only slightly heavier than the recommended weight limit.  lol

I think I’ll continue to give the workout a try, just to see how my outer thighs and triceps fare.

In other news, I’m almost finished with one of my June goals.  I’m almost finished with my crochet Birthday Cardigan.  I just finished the right sleeve and I’m so happy with it.  I’m loving that I can try it on as I go so I know that it fits properly.  I was able to add a few extra rows around the bottom edge to make it the right lenght for me and I was able to make the sleeve the right lenght, too.  Had I followed the pattern as it was written, it would have been too short for my liking.  I will try to get a few more rows on the left sleeve done tonight and I should have it done by tomorrow so I can wash it and block it a little.  I’m super excited about wearing it next weekend!  Oh, and I think I’m loving the cotton yarn (Lily Sugar n’ Cream) and I think I want to get some more for my stash.


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