Food For Friday – 6/22 – 7/5

Since we are going away for the weekend, we are actually going grocery shopping after lunch.  For some reason making the menu this week was practically torture.  Nothing sounded appetizing and I just didn’t want to put much thought into it…I think, between Darling Hubby and myself, we got a decent menu put together.  Hopefully this time around we don’t have so many big meals in a row with a ton of leftovers.

Monday – My birthday and craft night – Leana is making Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu (I’m helping her make it)
Tuesday – Curry Pork Roast
Wednesday – Homemade pepperoni pizza
Thursday – Game Night – Dinner TBD
Friday – Hamburger Helper
Saturday – Banquet Pot Pies
Sunday Macaroni and cheese

Monday – Craft night – My turn to cook – Pasta with sauce and Texas Toast
Tuesday Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cheese Roll-ups
Wednesday – Turkey burgers and fries
Thursday – Cube steak in tomato sauce with rice and veggies
Friday –  Barber’s Chicken Cordon Bleu and fries
Saturday – Darling Hubby’s birthday – Homemade fried chicken
Sunday – Waffles with bacon


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