Recent Happenings

It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve been busy doing different things and just haven’t had time to post.  Let’s see…over Father’s day weekend we went to visit family.  On Saturday we went to a surprise 60th birthday party for Darling Hubby’s step father.  His birthday isn’t until July 6th, so with the party being so early it really was a suprise…he actually thought it was someone else’s retirement party.  We didn’t stay too long because Bug still had a touch of the stomach bug and was in and out of the bathroom pretty much all weekend.  I did get to wear my Birthday Cardigan.  It’s was very comfy and I got a few comments on it.  I’m happy with it.

After that, we spent the rest of the weekend with my parents to celebrate father’s day and my 29th birthday.  My mom was feeling pretty under the weather on Sunday, but we still had a nice Father’s day dinner (steaks cooked on the grill) and birthday cake (which thankfully didn’t ruin my diet.)

Monday was officially my birthday.  My friend Leana came over for craft night and together we cooked my birthday dinner of Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Darling Hubby came home with 6 roses (3 red, 3 yellow) and a very sweet card.  It was a nice day.  Bug even “baked” me a birthday cake (I heard him mixing and stirring and cracking eggs in his room while I made my bed), which he delivered on a tiny red plastic plate with a cup of “milk.”  It was so sweet.

Oh, I mentioned that I had a weight loss goal.  I actually met that goal.  Despite indulging in a couple pieces of birthday cake loaded with inch thick icing, I weighed in at 150lbs on my birthday.  Go me!  Now, only 10 more lbs and I’ll be at my over all goal weight.  It’s funny, thinking back to when I was born, I weighed in at 7lbs 7oz…I’ve gained quite a lot from then!

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful.   I only worked out on Tuesday…I’m kinda disappointed in myself.  I paid for it, though.  I did level 1 of the shred (I figured I’d go easy on myself for a couple days) and man it made my muscles hurt like crazy.  I couldn’t beleive it.  After doing level’s 2 and 3 of the shred for weeks, level 1 kicked my butt!  I literally hurt all week long.  I’m sure had I just jumped back into working out I would have felt fine, but I wimped out…As of today, (Monday) I’m back on the ball.  I did level 3 again today and I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve got my mom friends keeping up on me about the working out.  I need to keep it up all week!

Friday I got a call from my mom.  Turns out she has pneumonia.  She was in and out of the doctors office and the ER all week and was home waiting for a nebulizer to be delivered.  I talked to her briefly and she sounded pretty miserable, much worse than she had been on Sunday.  I called her again yesterday (Sunday) and she sounded much better.  She’s still pretty sick, but all the antibiotics she’s on and the nebulizer have helped her a lot.  She’s hoping that she’s much better by tomorrow (Tuesday) so the doctor won’t put her in the hospital.  She hates hospitals.

Saturday and yesterday we ran a lot of errands.  I picked up 5 skeins of the Caron One Pound yarn and a spool of Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton Thread and 3 steel crochet hooks.  My MIL asked me if I would make a few handcrafted items to donate to be sold to make money for a convention (not sure for what exactly) that is being held in 2012.  They have to come up with an ungodly about of money to put on the convention, so every little bit helps.  I’m planning to make 4 baby blankets (Rose, Lilac, Pale Green and Soft Sage), using the hooded baby blanket pattern from Pound of Love (omitting the hood).  The Caron One Pound yarn is a bit thicker and stiffer than the Pound of Love, so I think my gauge is different.  I may have to make adjustments in future blankets, depending on how the first comes out.  As for the crochet threat, I thought about making some bookmarks.  They are pretty easy to make and I could make several of them from one skein/spool.  As I was looking through bookmark patterns on Ravelry, Darling Hubby saw a pattern for a Book Thong and I found some old beads in my craft drawer so I whipped up a couple book thongs of various lengths.  He then found a couple beads in my stash that he liked and asked me to whip up one for him (it has a fish at the bottom and is pretty neat).  On Sunday I bought a bunch of wooden beads and plan to make a few more thongs for my MIL to sell…I’d love to make crafty things like that to sell for myself, but I’m hesitant to try.  I’d love to have an Etsy store, but I just don’t know if I could keep up on it or if anyone would even buy my stuff…

Anyway, yesterday we bought a bunch of things to finish sprucing up our front yard.  We picked up some solar lights from K-mart for $20 and put them along side my new walkway.  We also picked up some plastic fencing pieces that match the ones we have in the front already and fenced off our barberry bush and an orange lily that is next to our front steps.  we also picked up 2 more lilies (one pink (Bug’s favorite color) and a purple one (my favorite color) and planted those in the big flower bed out front.  We’re planning to get 2 more tonight (Darling Hubby will pick them up on his way home) and will fill in that garden with mulch.  We also ran to Home Depot to find a bird bath to put in the backyard.  I’ve wanted one for a while and decided to look for one after I’ve seen several birds taking baths in the water on top of our hose box.  It’s very hard to find a bird bath….we were about to give up completely if Home Depot didn’t have one…I haven’t seen any birds in it yet, but I see some evidence that someone has been there recently.

So, there you have it.  That’s what I’ve been up to recently.  I’m hoping to get a little more crafting done tonight.  It was supposed to be my craft night, but Leana isn’t feeling well, so we cancelled.  I’m thinking we are going to stop by Bernie and Rose’s new house tonight after dinner to check it out.  Hopefully I’ll have a good week in the workout department and will be down a pound or 2 next week.  Fingers crossed.  Hopefully my mom will continue to be on the mend and will stay out of the hospital.  Bug sent her a card today with a kitty dressed as a doctor.  I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of it and it will make her feel better.


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