Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s been too long since I sat down and composed a post.   I’ll fall back to my typical excuse…life got in the way.

Let’s see…I pretty much need to sum up the month of July!  The 4th of July was a day spent at home.  It was Darling Hubby’s birthday so we fried some chicken, made some KFC style coleslaw and ate out on the patio.  I made a pineapple upside down cake, which is Darling Hubby’s favorite.  We decided to forgo the fireworks downtown.  None of us really like /traffic and Bug doesn’t like loud noises, so we sat at home and watched the downtown fireworks on the news.  The next day we went over to our friends house so Bug could play with his buddy, Little A.

They had a grand time sword fighting in the bouncy bounce
Bouncy bounce

and swimming in the chilly (it wasn’t so bad once you got in) pool.

Swimming with Mommy

The next Friday, Auntie Shannon joined Bug and I on a trip to the playground.  We packed a picnic lunch, loaded up the wagon and walked over to the playground.  Bug had so much fun hanging with his cool Auntie Shannon.  They played on all the equipment from the swings to the slides.  I had fun catching up with an old college friend and coworker.

Auntie Shannon

Auntie Shannon and Bug on the big slide



Mommy and Bug

Over the weekend, we went down to visit family.  Saturday we stayed with my parents.  Bug had fun riding in Grandpa’s wagon as it was pulled behind the tractor.  We were collecting rocks to bring home with us to make a stone wall at the bottom of our driveway and it was easier to load the wagon than to carry them!  Saturday was also a good day for wildlife at my parents house.  We saw a Mama deer and her fawn, who was the bounciest thing.  There was a baby bunny and even a tiny hummingbird.   I have pictures of all that, but I haven’t edited them yet…

On Sunday we went to see some of Darling Hubby’s family.  His father, brother, wife and kids came out from New Mexico for a visit.  We hadn’t seen them since Christmas ’07.  It was a nice visit.  We took a ton of family pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.





This past weekend, I got together with Auntie Shannon and 2 of our neighbors and we had a multi-family garage sale.  We didn’t make much money, but we got some stuff out of our spare room and will be donating most of the stuff that didn’t sell to Goodwill and the books will go to the local public library for their book cellar.  I finally got my spare room back and can now move around in there and have room to hang my laundry to dry on rainy days.  Overall, it was a nice weekend.  We had a good time talking and learning more about each other and were able to trade a bunch of stuff with each other.  We picked up a ceiling fan to put in the spare room…the only room with a ceiling light that doesn’t have one (aside from the dining room, which has a chandelier).  We got some new books, a table to go next to our papasan chair on the porch (which we were going to sell, but Darling Hubby decided he liked it too much and took it back) and some other miscellaneous things.  I think I might ask our neighbors if I can have the old black rocker they had.  It’s kinda beat up and needs to be recovered, but it was nice and might be worth the effort of fixing  it.

Other than the big things on the weekends, I’ve been working on finishing Bug’s blanket for school.  I have all the 2″ squares crocheted and sewn together.  I just need to figure out how to attach the fabric backing.  It looks really nice.  I’ll post about it later when I get pictures taken. I’ve also been crocheting various things to give my mil for a convention they are having.  On my Monday night craft night I started making this bag.  If it works out well, I might make one for myself with smaller holes so my stuff won’t fall out.

In the weight loss/exercise department…well, I was pretty bad when we visited family and ended up gaining 3lbs because I kept noshing on the cookies that I baked to bring…sadly, I haven’t been good about working out lately either.  In the past 3 weeks I’ve worked out once…and that was yesterday!  I am happy to report that by watching what I’m eating I’ve lost those 3lbs I gained and one more to boot!  I’m officially down to 148!  I’m trying to be good this week and work out more, but so far I haven’t been sucessful.  Maybe tomorrow!


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