Cute Crochet Granny Bag

I’ve been working on crocheting items for my mother-in-law whose company is putting on a convention in 2012 and to raise money they are having a “Country Store” and plan on selling handmade items that are being donated.  So far I’ve whipped up a couple baby blankets, several hats, and a scarf or 2.

While browsing newly added patterns on Ravelry, I found a pattern for a granny square bag.  I thought it was super cute and looked easy, so Monday night at craft night, I whipped up a couple basic granny squares.  I decided to go with the 3 square bag first and will tackle the 4 square one next.

Here is the completed bag.  I really like it.  I did chose an easy granny square pattern, but it has several largish size holes, which doesn’t make it ideal for carrying small items like tubes of lipstick/lip gloss or loose change.  It would be perfect for a wallet/checkbook/change purse and a set of keys or even to use to carry a book or 2 and some sunscreen for a jaunt to the beach.

Granny Bag

It’s quite roomy inside and the short strap places the bag comfortably under your arm.

Granny bag open

I made a little flower button and a loop to make a closure for it.

Granny bag close up

Overall, I’m very happy with how this bag came out.  You can use pretty much any granny square and can make the bag any size.   I like the look of the flapstyle bag and I think I’m going to make my next one with a tighter granny square so things won’t have the chance to fall out…either that or I’ll have to learn how to line the inside with fabric…

I think I’ll be making one of these for me, soon!  I think I’ll make the strap longer so I can loop the bag over my opposite shoulder (I feel more secure like that) and maybe I will learn how to line a bag for myself…it’s probably not a bad skill to have!


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