Sick and Worried – Updated

Bug is one of the healthiest kids I know and when he gets sick it really puts both Daddy and myself on edge.  Yesterday Bug was supposed to have a play date with Baby Girl (the little girl I babysat for) and shortly before her arrival he started complaining of a headache.  I gave him some Motrin just before she arrived and within 5 minutes of them starting to play, he started throwing up…

Baby Girl and her mommy left and Bug and I curled up on the couch with a cold washcloth.  I made the room as dark as possible and had Daddy run to the store to pick up some Children’s Tylenol and some ginger ale since we didn’t have any.  Bug was reluctant to take the meds because he was afraid he was going to throw up again…he finally took it and kept it down.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get him to eat or drink anything…which is very out of character for him…as is the sudden headache and vomiting.

It was late so we got him to bed and he did fall asleep.  I brought the baby monitor in my room so I could hear him better if he got sick or needed me.  He woke up to pee at 3 and still complained of the headache.  I gave him more Tylenol and got him back to bed.  He seemed ok this morning.  He was hungry, ate an apple, drank some water and some ginger ale. We laid in my bed for most of the morning.

Around 11 he was playing downstairs and curled up on the floor, again holding his head, and started to vomit again…thankfully, it was a false alarm and everything stayed down.  He seems fine as long as he’s laying down and is currently laying on his bean bag chair watching a cartoon with the volume down low…hey, it’s keeping him still and happy.

I called the doctor and they said it could be strep throat…he’s never complained of a sore throat, but when I asked him while I was on the phone with the nurse he said, “yes, it hurt.”  I didn’t see anything inside his mouth, though…I’m wondering if it’s an ear infection.  The pain seems to radiate from the left side…It’s either those things or a migraine…

Until we see the doctor at 2:45 I’m going to be on edge and I know that Daddy is very worried (he keeps calling me from work to check on him).  I’m hoping it’s something simple with an easy fix and that my little munchkin can go back to his happy go lucky self.

It doesn’t help that Darling Hubby and I are planning a get away without Bug this coming weekend and are planning to leave Bug with his Auntie Shannon…I’m hoping he’ll be ok by then.  I don’t want to ruin the fun for all involved.  He’s so looking forward to staying with Auntie Shannon.


So, we are back from the doctors.  They did a strep test and checked his ears and both came up negative.  Dr. B is going to chalk it up to a virus right now.  I’m to call if he gets worse or if this happens again in the future (something similar happened in June), which might be a sign of something (benign) called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome.  I’m not going to worry about this now, but it is a possible diagnosis if this keeps happening.  Honestly, I much rather it be something treatable like an ear infection or strep.

On the up side, Bug seems to be pretty much back to normal this afternoon.  He was pretty normal just before we went to the doctors appointment – go figure!  I think it was the Tylenol at 12:30 that perked him back up.  It also helps that he’s got food/drink in him.  He  ate an apple for breakfast, a piece of lightly buttered toast for lunch, and a slice of pizza for dinner <–his choice.  He’s also been drinking water, ginger ale and, per the doctors recommendation, Gatorade.  I’m hoping that this is the last bout of this…it really gets Darling Hubby and me worked up.  So, if you wouldn’t mind, keep your fingers crossed for us and/or say a little prayer if that’s your thing.


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