Going on Vacation

It’s been a long time since Darling Hubby and I have been on vacation and since the plans fell through for my trip to Ireland this fall, Darling Hubby and I decided it was time for a quick and inexpensive getway.  A few years ago we took an overnight trip to Vermont for our anniversary, but we had Bug in tow.  This time, we are going alone!  Gasp!  We’ll be leaving Bug behind with his Auntie Shannon and her husband Jay for the weekend.  It’s actually the 2nd time I’ll be away from Bug in his 4 and a half years and the first time for Daddy.   I’m a bit nervous about leaving him…but I trust Shannon and Jay completely and they have a fun filled weekend planned for him.  I think they might spoil him rotten with bowling trips, jaunts to the park and pool, movies, snacks, boardgames and fun in general.   I’m hoping that bedtime is easy and that he sleeps through the night without any nightmares (which have been popping up recently) and that he doesn’t have a meltdown because we aren’t there to tuck him in and won’t be there in the morning like we usually are.

So, where are we going you ask?  Well, we are taking a romantic getaway to….dat da da dah – Corning, NY!  Ok, so there’s really nothing romantic about Corning, but we’ve never been there and they have a cool museum of glass that we both want to see.  We got a hotel room in Painted Post, not too far from Corning.  We made reservations to try our hand at some glass blowing at the museum and will have dinner at a local pub called The Glory Hole.  The name aside, it sounded like a neat place and the menu had some interesting items that sounded worth a try.  Plus, I’ve never been to a pub before.  On the way home on Sunday we plan, weather permitting, to take a side trip to Watkins Glen State Park and maybe find one of the many waterfalls and have a picnic lunch.

Darling Hubby and I both grew up east of Corning (past Binghamton) but have never actually been there so this is a nice opportunity for the both of us and we can have a break from Bug and not have to worry about him every second: what he’s touching or what he’s getting into.  I’ll leave that up to Auntie Shannon!  lol

I’m sure we’ll both miss Bug terribly and will only be a phone call away (espcially to say goodnight at bedtime and hear how his day went), but the break for all of us will be good (plus Auntie Shannon and Jay can get some child rearing experience for when they decide to expand their family.)  I’m sure we’ll all be, as Bug always says, “very glad and happy” to see each other upon our return.


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