Bitten…By the Vampire Bug

When it comes to books I’m not the first one to jump on the “everyone is reading it bandwagon.”   I’ll admit I did with the Harry Potter books, but it was more because I had easy access to them at the library where I worked so I did, and was instantly hooked.  One reason I don’t get on the bandwagon is because I’m afraid I’ll enjoy the book and then, like everyone else, I have to wait for the next book in the series to be written and released.  I hate waiting.  I much rather be able to pick up the next book and keep reading so I don’t forget what happened already.  I will admit that in the months before the final Harry Potter book was to be released, I re-read the first 6 to refresh my memory, but since those books were actually geared toward teens, I whipped through all 6 in probably a month.

I recently finished re-reading the Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth’s Children Series) by Jean M. Auel.  It’s my favorite all time series and I got the urge to read it all again, so I did.  Since I finished the last book that’s been released so far (I’m hoping she’ll come out with the next book soon, although there hasn’t been any talk of it) I needed to move on to something else.  My friend Shannon gave me her paperback copy of Twilight and I figured since it was another young adult novel, I’d burn through it fast.   I was right.  I read a couple chapters Thursday night, picked it up a couple times on Friday, read a bit before bed on Saturday and finished it today cause I curled up on the couch with it.

My opinion on it?  Well, it’s definitely an easy read.  I had a bit of trouble getting into it initially, not because of the writing style or anything like that, but because it was all about the teenage drama that happens daily…I kinda lived through that in high school and it seemed to be typical day to day drama – new girl comes to a small country town, she’s pretty, all the boys faun over her, she’s attracted to the bad boy type, who has his own issues with her…then comes the part where you find out he’s a vampire and things start to heat up (which is kinda ironic since vampires are cold!)

By the end of the book, I was actually really hoping that Edward would turn Bella and give her what she wants, a life forever with Edward.  I really enjoyed seeing how much they really loved each other and how much Edward has to do to keep her safe, both from himself and from other vampires.  As for the sparkling in the sunlight thing, I’d heard about this from people who where down on the movies, calling the vampires “fairies,” but I actually found it to be an interesting twist on why vampires only come out at night, or in this case, on overcast days, which gives them a little more freedom.

As for seeing the movies, I think I’m going to wait until I’ve read all the books first, then I’ll watch the movies.  I don’t want someone else’s vision of Bella, Edward and the other Cullens to cloud my mind’s eye.

I think tomorrow after I drop Darling Hubby off at work, I’ll swing by the Walmart (I could go to Borders, but they don’t open til 10 – boo) and pick up the other 3 books.  I was going to borrow them from the library, but apparently the copies that are “checked in” are in fact missing and I don’t feel much like waiting.  I guess you can say, I’ve been “bitten by the vampire bug.”


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