Food for Friday – 10/26-11/8

Monday – Craft Night – Leana’s turn to cook
Tuesday – Ham with a pasta side, mixed veggies and acorn squash
Wednesday Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese with ham chunks
Thursday – Game Night – dinner TBD
Friday Chicken cordon bleu

Monday – Craft Night – My turn – ???
Tuesday – Chili with tortilla chips
Wednesday – Homemade meatlovers pizza – pepperoni, ground beef and ham
Thursday Frito pie
Friday – Philly cheese steaks

I’m not planning anything for the weekends this time around.  We’ll probably have lots of leftovers (though I’m trying to make multiple dishes out of an earlier dish to alleviate that issue) and this last couple weeks we’ve had a big build up of leftovers in our fridge and they aren’t getting eaten quickly.  Darling Hubby usually takes some portion to work with him for lunch, but there still ends up being stuff in the fridge since I’m not good about eating leftovers…


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