Food For Friday 11/9-11/22

Again this week I am lacking the motivation to really come up with a menu…plus, nothing really sounds all *that* good to me.  I guess lately I’ve just been too tired to really care about food…or anything really for that matter…just ask Darling Hubby.

Monday – Craft Night – my turn to cook – Taco soup
Tuesday – Rotisserie chicken, stuffing and veggies
Wednesday – Chicken ceasar wraps
Thursday – Game Night – dinner TBD
Friday – Fettucini Alfredo – homemade – recipe courtesy of Manda
Saturday –  Spanish Rice
Sunday -LO/FFY

Monday – Craft Night – Leana’s turn to cook
Tuesday Catalina Cranberry Chicken
Wednesday – Pork Tenderloin
Thursday – Thanksgiving Meatloaf
Friday Cheese Lover’s Pasta Roll-ups
Saturday – French Toast
Sunday – LO/FFY


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