Very Overdue Update

Once again it’s been weeks since I’ve written anything other than a menu planning post…it’s sad because I’ve had so much to say, but couldn’t really say anything.

Let’s see…Bug is doing very well in school.  I had his first Parent Teacher conference at the beginning of November.  His teachers love having him in class and his one teacher says he’s very witty and funny.  I was worried that he was going to be the class clown when he got comfortable with the group, but he’s actually been keeping it together and the teacher uses him as a calming influence.  She once told me in the hall that she calls him her “euphoric little bug” since he’s so happy and just flits from one thing to another.  He’s very good in class and is focused and pays attention.

Bug was also invited and attended his very first classmate birthday party.  It was at Chuck E Cheese and he had a good time, ate some pizza, played some games and got freaked out by the giant rat…lol

What else…Oh, I started working on Christmas presents in September.  So far I’ve made a stegosaurus for one of my nephews, a blanket for my MIL and SFIL, mini stocking ornaments for 3 people, a thread crocheted angel ornament for my mom and 2 scarves (one for each of Bug’s Pre-K teachers).  I have yet to make/finish a brontosaurus for my other nephew (I made one, but Bug stole it and named it and I couldn’t very well take it away…) and a unicorn.  Our plan is to buy a book for each child to go along with the stuffed animal.   I still have to make at least 4 more mini stockings.  One for each of the 3 kids and one for my SIL.  Now I just have to wrap everything and get it under the tree…I may hold off on that for a bit since the cat seems to love hanging out under the tree and I don’t want her to tear anything accidentally.

I bought Darling Hubby’s Christmas present this morning.  We agreed to spend only around $50 plus stocking stuffers, but since I was having so much trouble thinking of the perfect present for him and when I finally found something it was nearly double our agreed-upon price, he gave me the go-ahead to spend the extra and he’ll spend a little more on me.  I’m ok with not getting more under the tree…my present is something I know he’s really going to like and enjoy.  We can afford it, so I’m not too worried.  We are done with Bug’s presents, aside from stocking stuffers and we’ll probably get some books, cars, candy and little things for that.

In other news, I’ve been baking.  For the last 16 weeks (give or take) I’ve been baking the newest edition to the Sarandipity family.  That’s right!  I’m pregnant!  We finally broke the news (well, we let Bug do the dirty work) to family over Thanksgiving, so I’m ok with posting for the world to know. I made Bug an “I’m the Big Brother” t-shirt and he was so happy to wear it and surprisingly, everyone caught onto it quickly so I didn’t have to explain.  That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been doing The 30 Day Shred dvd or dieting anymore.

So, I’ve had 2 doctors appointments so far.  The first was a confirmation and blood work and the second I got to hear the heartbeat.  It was 158 beats per min.  Bug’s was 156 around the same time.  I have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping to be able to schedule the ultrasound for before Christmas, if the doctors will let me.  I should be between 18 and 19 weeks at that point.  It would be nice to know the gender so we could tell everyone at Christmas.

As for the pregnancy, things have been going pretty well.  I had a bit of morning sickness during the first 13 or so weeks.  Luckily it was just first thing in the morning and I wasn’t nauseous all day long like I was with Bug.  I haven’t started feeling movement yet, which makes me kinda nervous since I don’t have the throwing up to keep reminding me that I’ve got a baby growing inside my tummy.  That’s silly, I know.  I’m sure everything is fine, but I just hate feeling in sort of a limbo.  I didn’t feel Bug for the first time until I was 20 weeks…I hope it doesn’t take that long this time around, esp since I know what to look for…Emotionally, I haven’t been as weepy this time around, but my grumpy mood swings have been through the roof.  I feel like I’m angry for long stretches for no apparent reason.  I hate feeling like that and I hate that I take out my frustrations on Darling Hubby and Bug.  Hopefully that will go away soon…fingers crossed for me.

So, that’s about it.  I’ll probably update tomorrow after my drs appointment.  I figure if I blog about everything here I’ll have a running record of everything for when I want to look back on it later.  Blogs can be a wonderful thing!


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