Baby Update – 16 Weeks

I’m approximately 16 weeks today (give or take a couple days) and had a doctors appointment this morning.  Things are looking great.  The heartbeat is holding steady and strong at 158 bpm (Bug’s was 156) and the bean was moving all over the place.  The nurse had to keep following it around with the wand trying to get a good steady audible sound for me.  I can probably nickname it Fidget.  lol

The doctor said that everything looked good and I think he thinks I’m kind of neurotic because I commented on the fact that I’m not feeling movement yet and feel like I should since this is my 2nd baby and I know what I should be looking for.  I know that most women don’t feel movement until much later in pregnancy, but I feel like I’m in kind of a “pregnancy limbo.”  My morning sickness has let up and I’m feeling really great and I really have no definitive signs of being pregnant.  I just want to feel something so I know my little fidgety bean is ok in there.  It’s hard not hearing the heartbeat but for 20 seconds every 4 weeks…  There are times when I think I feel something, but always convince myself that it’s not the baby, but something else or that it’s up too high…I’ve even laid perfectly still and focusing on it hoping to feel something…Yeah…I think I *am* becoming neurotic!  lol

We also scheduled my 2nd trimester ultrasound for the 22nd.  Hopefully, the baby will cooperate (and be far enough along) for us to find out the gender.  I’d really like to know.   I felt like last time I had an extra bond with Bug because I could think of him by name and everything and prepare myself for having a boy.  I want that again as well as to prepare Bug for his little brother or sister.  He actually wants a sister…not sure why, but it probably has something to do with the fact that he really enjoys hanging out with the girls in his pre-k class.  Darling Hubby and I kinda want another boy, mainly cause we still have a lot of the “boyish” baby stuff and have boy toys.

The doctor seemed a bit hesitant about letting me have the ultrasound a week early, but I think that’s because he thought I was only 11 weeks along…someone needs to look at my chart next time!  lol  [Insert eye rolling smilie here!]  I’ll be about 18.5 – 19 weeks along and I seem to remember having Bug’s first ultrasound at 18 weeks…Keep your fingers crossed that the baby cooperates and lets us clearly know what it is…

There ya have it…I’ll update again once we have the ultrasound (hopefully with pictures) but I’ll probably post something again within the next 3 weeks.  🙂


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