And The Sickness Runs Rampant

So another week has gone by.  I’m about 17 weeks now.  I’m still in pregnancy limbo and add to that the fact that today I feel like crap.  No, my morning sickness has not returned…I’ve caught my darling son’s cold.  He was home on Wednesday for his first ever snow day, but wasn’t able to go out to play in the snow (it was 7 inches of the perfect snowman building snow, too) because he was starting to cough and had a slightly runny nose.  I kept him home yesterday just as a precaution and I was glad I did because before lunch he complained of a headache and when I took him into the bathroom to give him some tylenol, he ending up getting sick…so that means today he had to stay home…that’s the 24 hour school rule…I’d really wished we’d have no more sickness after that long lasting coughing thing.  It feels like we just got over it.

What really sucks about it is that today he’s practically back to normal.  His cough and runny nose have improved greatly, he’s running around, bouncing off the walls, making noise and just in general…driving me totally nuts…It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a completely stuffy nose, burning watery eyes and pain in my sinuses…topped off with a complete lack of energy….I’m not sure if that is pregnancy related, though.  I really just want a nap and to stay curled up under a blanket on the couch all day…and Darling Hubby doesn’t really understand that I can’t just take the Day-Quil like he says.  It’s on my list of medications to avoid and I’m doing just that, despite the fact that without any medication I feel even worse.  I guess, as he puts it, I’ll have to suck it up and deal…it’s just tough when you have no energy and a nearly 5 year old who just doesn’t stop for a second.

On the pregnancy front, I might be starting to feel movement, which makes me happy.  I might be coming out out the limbo after all!  I think, just this morning, I felt something poking me from the inside.  It seemed to feel just like the first time I felt Bug move, which was around 19 weeks.   Hopefully it will continue.  I did read last night on the Babycenter May 2010 birth board that many people around 17 weeks haven’t started feeling anything yet, either, even the 2nd and 3rd time moms.  I just hoped that I’d start feeling something earlier because I know what I’m looking for.  It does still make me worried that something could be wrong, but according to the other women on the board, I’m not alone in feeling this, which gives me hope that things are really fine.  I have only 11 more days until we get the big ultrasound.

Speaking of ultrasounds, my nephew and his girlfriend just had their big ultrasound on Wednesday afternoon and found out they are expecting a baby girl in April.  We are only about a month apart.  It’s funny because I’ve barely started to show and she’s been showing since she was about 8 weeks!  It’s funny how different people have different pregnancies.

Anyway, I just finished working on some worksheets with Bug since he’s been out of school for 2 days.  I figured it couldn’t hurt and they are all similar to or the same as things he’s done at school.  It was so nice to see him in action, writing his name, coloring, tracing, naming his shapes, reading, cutting and pasting.  Much better than just seeing the end result that he brings home.  He even wants to take them in to show his teacher on Monday.

Now, I’m going to watch some recorded tv and work on my new crocheted scarf to match the new coat I bought this past weekend.  It’s going to match the hat I made, too.


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