20 Week Update

So I’m 20 weeks today.  Honestly, it’s seemed like the last 16 weeks or so have just dragged by in getting to the half way mark…I’m sure that I’ll be wishing for things to go by fast as well as slow over the next 20 or so weeks.

Week: 20 weeks

Weight gain total: 7lbs – I splurged a bit over the holiday with lots of turkey and stuffing and the occasional candy and pie for dessert.  I’m going to try to be really good over the next few months and try to keep my gain around 20-25lbs total.

Cravings/Aversions: In the last week I’ve had a big desire for fresh made lemonade (well, made with bottled lemon juice, filtered water and sugar…not the Kool-aid version.)  That lasted a couple days and went away…still no aversions, which is good.

Pregnancy symptoms: I still have to pee a ton.  On the drive home from Christmas with our families this weekend we had to stop twice in about 30 mins so I could go or I don’t think I would have made it home!  I think it was the combination of the bumpy highway we were on, the fact that I finished off the last of my can of soda before we left and where Fidget was sitting.

Clothing: I can’t wear my jeans anymore…they are just too tight and uncomfortable…I wore them for the last time this week to run to Walmart…Hopefully I won’t show up on that People of Walmart website!!  lol  My SIL did loan me a three pairs of her maternity pants and a couple shirts, so I should be able to leave my house in something other than pajama pants!  I can still wear my corduroy pants because they are stretchy, but probably not for much longer.

Baby: I’m feeling Fidget move pretty much all the time.  He moves quite a bit right before I fall asleep at night and his movements are strong enough to be felt externally.  Darling Hubby felt him move for the first time right around Christmas.


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