Crafty New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been one to make (and keep) New Year’s Resolutions.  I mean I’ve made them in the past, but they’ve always been the typical “eat healthier” and “lose weight” resolutions that millions of Americans make and break every year.  I should resolve, once again, to lose weight after having a baby this year, but I’m hoping that my good luck losing 15 lbs prior to getting pregnant will be my inspiration for that!

This year I’m vowing to do two things.  The first will be finishing Darling Hubby’s sweater.  I started making a crocheted version of a fisherman knit sweater about 2 years ago and found that I hated the pattern…that ended up frogged…then I started with the Gatsby sweater and that, too, has ended up in the frogged pile.  It just seems that me and sweater patterns have it in for each other…With the Gatsby it was that I couldn’t get the pieces to be square and that once I started in on the sleeves my gauge had changed so severely that I was using an E hook to get a “close enough” gauge rather than the G I was start out using.  It just made me very frustrated…

Right now I’m working on a 3rd sweater for Darling Hubby…using the same yarn that I used the first 2 times around.  I have a Lion Brand Homespun book that has a nice hooded sweatshirt pattern in it and it says easy, so I’m giving it a try…so far I had good luck with the front and back panels, but I’m worried about the sleeves…I’m just going to keep going until I finish it and see how it looks.  Fingers crossed that it looks good and is something that Darling Hubby will want to wear.

My second resolution is to learn to knit and do it right.  There are so many awesome knitting patterns out there that I’d love to make (maybe a real fisherman knit sweater for Darling Hubby in a few years!), but with my basic knitting skills I’m not comfortable even attempting it.  I can knit and purl with the best, but when it comes to increasing and decreasing and getting fancy with alternating stitches and cables I get totally scared and want to hide!  I know if I put my mind to it, I could learn those stitches and that’s what I resolve to do in 2010.  It helps that I’ll have a cute little bundle of joy to practice making small clothes for.  I think starting off small and working my way toward the big stuff will ease me into it…what do you think?

I think the knitting desire really came about when I started reading the first of the Knitting Mystery books (Knit One, Kill Two) by Maggie Sefton that I borrowed from the library yesterday.  She just makes it sound so easy!

So, I’m putting in a call to all my knitting friends.  Do you think you can help me learn to knit this year?  Help me stick to one resolution in my near 30 years!


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