23 Week Update

So I’m 1 day short of 23 weeks.  I had another appointment this morning.  Baby Fidget looks good and is still moving around all the time.  His heart beat is 152, which is up from the ultrasound 4 weeks ago and down from the first few appointments.

I get to do the lovely 1 hour glucose test in 4 weeks (Feb 17th – 27 weeks).  I’m a bit annoyed because my office, because of liability or some crap, can no longer do the blood draws in their office.  I now have to go to the Bender lab downstairs in the building.  I’m SO NO IMPRESSED with this place.  When you first walk in, it just feels dirty.  The room where they do the actual blood draw is pretty clean (one would hope), but the waiting room and the room where they take the patient information just has a nasty, dirty feeling/look to it.  Plus, it doesn’t help that the woman who takes your information is mean, nasty, and just doesn’t seem like a people person.   Anyway, for the glucose test I have to go in, they have to watch me drink the drink, I have my appointment upstairs and then go back downstairs for a blood draw…last time I got the drink in advance, drank it an hour before my appointment and had the draw right in the office before my appointment.  I guess what annoys me most is that I can’t drink the thing at home and that I have to rush to get myself to the office so I can down it…Whatever has to be done, I guess…I’m not sure if I could go to another lab in another part of town.  I don’t think my insurance would cover it because of the office the work order is coming from.

Anyway, here’s my weekly update survey thing.

Week: 22.6 weeks

Weight gain total: 11bs – as of this morning, naked on the scale.  Yesterday afternoon, after eating all day I was still at 9lbs…I’m not sure how I gained 2 lbs overnight, but it’s ok, I guess.  I’m just continuing to watch what I eat and not snack too much, as I have a tendency to do (pregnant or not).  I figure that if I gain a pound a week from here on out, I’ll be around 25lbs at 37 weeks (I’m hoping for an early induction before 40 weeks) and that is within my goal range.

Cravings/Aversions: I did have a craving for a liverwurst sandwich the other day, but knowing that I can’t have the lunch meat (stupid pregnancy restrictions) I didn’t fulfill that craving.  Aside from that, I do seem to gravitate toward chocolate a lot…but then again, I’ve always wanted chocolate even when I wasn’t pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms: I still have to pee a ton.  Aside from that, I feel really good.

Clothing: I can, amazingly enough, still wear my corduroy pants.  It’s because they are stretchy.  I’ll probably be able to get another week out of them before I have to put them away for a few months.  I’ve been wearing my stretchy workout type pants and a couple pairs of the maternity pants my SIL loaned me pretty regularly.  The doctor and the nurse today both said I had hardly any belly…I’ll take it as a compliment!  To me, I don’t really look pregnant when I’m dressed (just pudgy).  I can really tell when I’m undressed, though.  I usually wear big baggy sweatshirts, so I’m sure no one else can really tell I’m pregnant really…or else they just think I’m fat!  lol

Baby: I’m still feeling Fidget move pretty much ALL. THE. TIME.  He still moves quite a bit right before I fall asleep at night and his movements are strong.  The other day I could watch him moving under my skin…I said he was doing his alien impression.  It’s wild to watch my tummy moving and bumping around.

Baby’s room: We’ve been working on painting Baby Fidget’s room.  It’s taken me over 1.5 weeks to get it mostly done.  Darling Hubby and Bug helped for some of the first coat on the walls…I did the 2nd coat and most of the doors and trim myself.  The walls are a tan color (it’s called wild porcini – like the mushroom) and the doors and trim are white.  The window frames are a dark wood color and since they were never painted, I’m leaving them as is.  Most of the furniture is a light wood (natural I guess you’d say) color and the bedding is the same Boyd’s Bears from when Bug was a baby.  We’ll probably get some blue curtains for the windows and be done…we have pretty much everything else.  I’ll share pictures when we get the room done and everything set up…probably by then, I’ll have a decent belly picture I’m willing to share!


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