Baby & Birthday Update – 25 Weeks & 5 Years

Over 2 more weeks have passed…I am finally getting a belly at 25 weeks (I’ve only gained 14lbs so far) and baby Fidget is doing well.  I feel him moving all the time, especially before and after meals, when I’m sitting down, when I’m driving the car, when I’m going to sleep, during the night…pretty much all day long…I’m worried this kid isn’t going to ever sleep!  lol

Here’s a picture of me from Wednesday at exactly 25 weeks.  I still look really tiny…I’m sure I’ll be wishing for this belly back in 3 months when I’m waddling around and HUGE!  lol

We’ve really been working on getting baby Fidget’s room all ready.  (I’ll post pictures when we get it fully finished)  Bug keeps asking me, “Is Fidget’s room done, yet?”  lol  The walls have been painted, the trim and doors painted, we bought and put down the area rug and hung the curtains this past weekend.  The crib is up and cleaned.  I pulled out the crib bedding (I’m washing that today) and put some of the things that need to be washed in the new laundry basket I bought last weekend…I’ll wash it at some point…there isn’t any hurry, really.  I did also buy a new diaper pail since the one we had for Bug broke.  I ordered this “Love You to the Moon and Back” vinyl sticker and picked up some vinyl glow in the  dark star stickers to hang up on the walls.  I’ll do all that when the Moon & Back sticker comes in.  We are taking the nursery pictures from Bug’s room at some point and hanging them in Fidget’s room.  We are also going to move the rocking chair from Bug’s room…we’ll wait to do that since we are still using it to read his nightly stories…we’ll have to find something else to go in that corner and read his stories somewhere else.

I have a small book shelf that we repainted and the changing table in the room, but that needs to be cleaned off (it’s dusty) and I’ll have to figure out how I want to put everything on there.  The big dresser that’s in the room used to belong to my parents.  They got it from one of their neighbors back when they moved to NY from FL…that was like 1970 or something.  My mom was actually really surprised we still had the thing…they gave it to me back in 1998 when I moved out and into my first apartment with Darling Hubby.  It’s come in very handy.  It was in Bug’s room for a while and held clothes that he would grow into.  It still has random clothes in it.  I need to clean it out.  I also went through a bin of 0-3 month clothes that I had up in the attic.  Those will need to be washed, too, and put in the dresser.  I still want to buy a lamp for near the rocking chair and a touch lamp for when you walk into the room.

Last Saturday was Bug’s 5th birthday.  On Friday he brought ice cream cone cupcakes to school for snack.  Here he is with his Daddy and his cupcakes just before we left for school. 

He was so excited about the cupcakes…I, on the other hand, was just thankful that I finally managed to get them finished and looking good enough for the perfectionist in me to send to school.  I made 3 batches of cupcakes before I finally settled on a method that worked perfectly…I don’t plan on making these again anytime soon, but hopefully I’ll remember my little trick!

Here’s Bug getting measured the morning of his birthday.  He finally made 42 inches!  I think he’s a bit short for his age, but he’s been growing proportionately.  He was only 21 inches at birth and 9lbs 13 oz.  He’s 42 inches and around 40lbs at 5 years.  He’s growing, that’s for sure!

On his actual birthday we ran a bunch of errands and ended up at Toys R Us and found out they were holding a Trade In event.  You could trade in any used car seat, stroller, playpen, booster seat or crib for a 25% off coupon to use toward the purchase of a new item.  In getting ready for the new baby, I pulled down the infant carrier we used for Bug.  I recently learned from a friend that car seats can actually expire…I knew that the plastic could get brittle, but I didn’t know how to tell how old a car seat really was.  Turns out, there’s a sticker on it saying when it was manufactured…I’m almost embarrassed to admit that the infant carrier we used for Bug was 14 years old!  😮  It was made in 1996.  We got it from one of Darling Hubby’s Aunts back in 2005…it was already 9 years old at that point…we used it for a few months until Bug outgrew it and put it in storage…it’s been there ever since…well, I’m not going to use a 14 year old infant carrier to cart around my precious cargo, so we took full advantage of the Trade In event.  We turned in the 14 year old infant carrier and an old (I think around 10 years) booster seat I got from my SIL when they moved 3 years ago…Anyway, we picked up a new Evenflo booster seat for Bug (he’s so excited he’s free of the car seat, which he was quickly outgrowing) and a new Graco Snugride Infant Carrier for Fidget.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the 15% store coupon in conjunction with the 25% off coupon, but 25% is better than full price!   If you need new baby items and have some older things, go trade them in!  The deal runs until February 20th!

After Toys R Us, we had dinner at KFC, which was Bug’s request.  He was a bit upset when we came home with the food and he realized they didn’t give him his macaroni and cheese that he’d ordered…I couldn’t stand to see my little guy so upset (but didn’t want to drive clear back to the KFC) so I let my food get cold so I could make him some boxed macaroni and cheese.  Guess I do love my little guy!

His favorite present for the day was the Burger Builder that Daddy and I bought him.  He recently started enjoying play-doh and after Christmas decided he wanted the Burger Builder.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it after Christmas…so, a few weeks later when I stumbled upon it, I snagged one.  I’m glad I did.  He had such fun playing with it.

Here’s to another healthy and happy year!


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