28 Weeks & Various Updates

Well, I turn 28 weeks today (7 months).  I’m guessing I’ve got about 10 more weeks to go! (give or take).  I’m feeling pretty good aside from a bit of heartburn that plagued me Monday night this week and the fact that I can’t always get comfortable in bed, with or without a body pillow.  It does take me a little longer to get out of bed or off the couch these days (which worries me since I’m not that huge right now!)  I took my one hour glucose test last Wednesday and I’m guessing I passed because they said I would be called if I’d have to do the 3 hour test and it’s been a week and nothing.  That makes me very happy!  I haven’t weighed myself today, yet, so I don’t know where I stand for total weight gain.  Last week I was at 16-17lbs.  I figure I’m around 18 this week.  I’ve splurged a bit on some junky foods (I made 5 dozen chocolate chip raisin cookies and have eaten most of them myself!) so I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained a bit extra.  I’ll just watch more closely what I eat this week.

Fidget is moving around a ton.  I swear last night he was spinning in circles.  He was also making it pretty difficult for me to breathe…either that or the fact that we had a major snowstorm with a low move through…sometimes I have trouble breathing when the pressure is heavy.

On a non pregnancy related note, Bug got his first ear infection last week and I had to take him in to the drs for a sick visit.  He woke up Tuesday night crying that his ear hurt, so I took him in after my drs appointment Wednesday morning and sure enough, ear infection.  I can’t believe we made it to 5 years without having one prior, esp with his daddy’s history of chronic ear infections as a child.  We started a course of amoxicillan and today is day 8 of the meds and wouldn’t you know it, he woke up covered from head to toe in itchy red hives. Bug - Hives I had the same thing happen to me last February when I was taking it for Strep Throat.  It was at the same time in the course of the meds and from what I’ve heard, it’s not uncommon.  I actually had his well child (5 year) visit scheduled for today at 1:30 (only a month late!), but due to the snow storm that blew threw last night, school is canceled and therefore the drs office is closed, too…I’m just going to keep an eye on him and if he starts getting worse or has trouble breathing or something I’ll call 911.  Since Darling Hubby still had to go to work this morning, he took the car so I wouldn’t have to drive in the yucky stuff.  Apparently, he saw 3 accidents on his drive in this morning.  Eeek!  Anyway, I’m going to have him pick up some Benedryl or some Aveeno bath stuff for poor Bug.  He’s actually doing pretty well with not itching.  He has more willpower than I do!  The above picture is just his belly and face (he even asked to say “cheese.”  It’s the same on his back and not as bad on his arms and legs.

The drs office did call to reschedule his appointment and I mentioned the hives and the nurse told me to stop the meds (too bad I decided to go ahead and give him his morning dose) and keep an eye on him.  I’ll call tomorrow and see  if they are open to reschedule…I’m kinda hoping that tomorrow will be another snow day for school since I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending him to school covered in hives…They’d probably frown on that…We’ll just play it by ear, I guess.

On a crafty note, I’ve been working quite a bit on Darling Hubby’s knitted sweater.   I’m keeping to my 2010 New Year’s Resolution and I’ve learned to follow a knitting pattern with ease.  I finished the back panel of the sweater and am now working on the front.  So far it’s been pretty easy.  I’ll probably get a bit more nervous when I have to start the sleeves, but for now I’m happy with how it’s turning out.  Darling Hubby might just get his sweater yet, and before the end of winter if I keep working on it like I have been.  I also want to finish it sooner rather than later because there’s a knitting pattern for me that’s calling my name…I’m not sure if I have a need for one, but it seems everyone is making one, so I have a big desire to make a clapotis.  I’m vowing that I’m not starting any new projects until the sweater is finished.

On a weather note, here are some pictures of the snow storm…it’s still snowing now and we are supposed to have another storm pass through tomorrow.  Darling Hubby plowed the driveway last night just before 8 and I shoveled the steps and front walk (yes, at 7 months pregnant, I shoveled!!  It’s not the first and won’t be the last time.)  At 7 this morning there was as much snow in the drive way again as there was last night…It’s a good thing we plowed/shoveled last night because the snow is super wet and heavy.

AIMG_4863This is the driveway after the snowplow came through…and left snow boulders…DH is going to have to park in the street and get the snow blower out again when he gets home.  There’s no way I’m shoveling that!

IMG_4865The snowbank blocking off the parking lot across the street.

IMG_4862The walkway I shoveled off.  I had to bang some of the snow off the trellis…
It’s weighing it down and bowing in the middle.

IMG_4861The tree in the neighbors yard.

IMG_4860Our ornamental cherry tree covered in snow.  It’s actually quite pretty.


One thought on “28 Weeks & Various Updates

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! My wife is in her third trimester at the moment and suffering from back problems which makes her walk like a dinosaur.

    You might find my blog interesting if you want an insight into how your partner is feeling at this time!

    All the best,


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