29 Week Update

Week: 29 weeks

Weight gain total: 20lbs as of this morning…I’m not too happy about that, as I’m a pound over where I wanted to be this week, but I know it’s my own fault for jumping up approximately 2 lbs from a week or so ago.  I blame the fact that I am constantly hungry and right now I’m craving junky foods.  I ate breakfast (cup of tea with lemon and a slice of homemade cinnamon raisin bread with butter) at 8:30 this morning and it’s by 10:30 my stomach was growling!  I managed to hold out until 11:30 and had a couple waffles with blueberry preserves and a bit of maple syrup with a glass of ovaltine milk.

Cravings/Aversions: Lately, I’ve really been wanting sweets…mostly chocolate.  I broke down in Walmart yesterday and bought a giant Hershey’s with Almonds bar and a Caramello…and 2 packages of cookies.  I’ve also been eating a bowl of ice cream practically every night.  I’m halfway through a carton of Edy’s Samoas Girl Scout Cookie ice cream and when it’s gone, it’s gone!  I’m not getting anymore!  Well, at least not until it’s a new grocery shopping week, that is!  Despite my junky food cravings, I’ve been eating lots of fresh grapefruit and pineapple juice and lately, Darling Hubby has been making fruit smoothies, so I’ve been having at least one of those a week.  I’ve been really good about trying to have something healthy for my 3 meals…it’s those pesky times in between that I need munchies!

Sleep:  I’m actually not doing too badly in the sleep department.  I still wake up a couple times to go pee (always at 2 am and usually between 4 and 5:30), but other than that I’m actually able to get relatively comfortable (I probably just jinxed myself.)  I do have to sleep with a pillow supporting me, which I know crowds Darling Hubby in the bed…I try to be considerate, though, and not sleep in the middle of the bed too often!  I have noticed that when I’m laying on my side my left hip will have a tendency to cramp up a bit and I’m more prone to cramping in the arch of my feet if I flex just right at night.  I can now tell the sign of when it’s going to happen, so I can usually prevent it from fully cramping up.

Clothing: I am completely in maternity pants now.  My belly has really blossomed over the past couple weeks.  I’m actually still able to wear some of my pre-pregnancy shirts as they were loose to begin with.

Baby: Fidget lives up to his name daily.  Last night in fact, he was moving around so much I said he was doing his alien impression.  You could see him sliding around under my skin.  Darling Hubby said it could be worse…I could be seeing facial features like he’s trying to tear himself out through my stomach!  It’s actually very freaky/creepy, weird and amazing all at the same time.  I still think that he spends most of his time head down and likes to keep his back along my right side with his butt up under my right ribs and his feet kicking my left hip…not totally sure if that’s his placement, but that’s where I tend to feel most of his moving about.   At least he’s stopped kicking my cervix, which was quite painful at times…especially when driving the car!

Photo:  Here’s a picture taken today.  I need to have Darling Hubby take a better profile picture of me…this was done with the camera on a tripod…

29 weeks pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant


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