31 Week Update

Week: 31 weeks

Weight gain total: 24lbs as of this morning…I’m still not too happy about that, but I think Fidget was having a growth spurt and because of that I was STARVING literally every couple hours.  Course, I wasn’t making the best choices in the food department as I’ve still be craving junk food, but for the past couple days I haven’t felt as hungry as I had been.  Hopefully it will stay that way for a little longer.  My goal was 27 lbs, but I’m guessing it will be closer to 30lbs by the end.  I have at least 7 more weeks left, and (fingers crossed) 3-6 more lbs in those 7 weeks is doable, provided Fidget doesn’t go through another massive growth spurt like before (oh and provided I don’t go overboard on the junk food.)  At least I’m better off this time around and won’t gain the 50+ lbs like I did with Bug.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I’m still wanting sweets…somethings just won’t change!  lol  I’ve still been eating lots of grapefruit and drinking pineapple juice.  Darling Hubby has gotten into making smoothies for breakfast, so I’ve occasionally had a strawberry smoothie.  I still love my ice cream at the end of the day.  I try to justify it by using a smaller bowl and by adding a banana…lol

Sleep: The past couple weeks my sleeping has gone down hill.  I haven’t been able to get as comfortable with or without an extra pillow.  It doesn’t help that Darling Hubby came down with a nasty cold Monday and between his sniffling and me attempting to stay away from his germs, neither of us have gotten much sleep.  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed I don’t catch the nasty cold…On the plus side, I was given the ok by my doctor to take medication like NyQuil/DayQuil to help if I need it.  He said that at this late in the pregnancy it won’t do much harm, as long as I’m not drinking it straight from the bottle.  I have a feeling that I’ll be needing some soon…my throat, ears and nose are starting to get that “I’m getting sick” feeling…I don’t like it one bit!

Clothing: Maternity pants all the way.  Still wearing a few of my bigger non-maternity tops, although I don’t know how much longer that will last.  I will probably have to buy some short-sleeved maternity shirts before the end as I mostly have long sleeved/heavy ones from Bug’s winter pregnancy.  I’ve been checking out the clearance racks at Target, but the only thing they had that I liked was in bright lemon yellow…and I don’t want to look like a giant lemon!  lol

Baby: I feel the baby moving every day…in fact he’s currently moving up a storm.

Symptoms: Well, in addition to the typical peeing all the time I think I’m adding a couple new symptoms to the mix.  I think I have a lovely case of Pregnancy Induced Carpel Tunnel…My right wrist (I’m right handed) has been killing me when I move it certain ways.  I can barely pick things up without it hurting and occasional my fingers will get a bit numb.  I’ve been wrapping it with an ace bandage until I can make it to the store to get a wrist brace, which I’m told is more supportive…hopefully that will be on the list of things to do tomorrow.  Oddly enough, using the computer doesn’t seem to bother my wrist…crocheting and knitting are pretty much off the table now as it only makes it worse…and I was really hoping to work on Darling Hubby’s sweater…In addition to the lovely carpel tunnel, I think I’ve been experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions.  It’s usually toward the end of the day, esp if I’ve been on my feet a lot.  I really think I felt them tonight.  It’s nothing painful, they don’t last long, and they are irregular and infrequent, but I’ve noticed that my belly gets really hard.  Maybe these practice contractions will help me have a VBAC this time around.

Drs Appointment – I had my 31 week appointment today.  Everything is looking great.  The heartbeat was nice and strong and loud.  I didn’t get an actual BPM from the nurse, but she did say he sounded great.  My sugar levels were good, too.  The doctor said Fidget is head down with his butt around my belly button.  That’s what I figured.  I think I can feel his head banging on my pelvis, his butt pressing on the top of my belly and I think, depending on the way he’s facing, his feet are pressing on one side or the other of my belly, kinda like he’s folded in half. Sometimes where his feet are can be rather painful!

Funny story about the doctors visit this morning.  I went back with the nurse to do my weight check and the back of the office smelled fantastic.  I commented on how something smelled really good and the nurse told me they were having an impromptu party (i.e. someone asked someone else who liked to cook to try out a couple recipes and she obliged and brought in a bunch for the office staff to share).  I said, “It’s downright evil!  Torturing poor hungry pregnant women!”  The nurse said, “It’s what we do best!”  (meaning eat).  I thought she meant torturing poor pregnant women!  lol  We had a good giggle over it.  I really like this particular nurse…we have a good report with each other.

Here’s the most recent photo taken tonight:

31 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant


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