32 Week Update – Yay 8 Months!

I’m 8 months pregnant (as of yesterday)!  Yay!  Every day is a step closer to meeting Baby Fidget!  Physically I’m ready (although I know I’ve got at least 5 more weeks until I’m considered “full term.”)  I’m tired of sleeping on my sides (my poor hips) and lugging around the extra weight, but I’m not sure I’m mentally ready for that 2nd baby just yet.  I have to wrap my head about the fact that I’ll have a 2nd child and that I’m going to have to work around different schedules for him, Bug and Darling Hubby, especially having just one car!  At least I finally decided to wash some of the smaller baby clothes this morning.  We still need to pick out a coming home outfit (which is something I want Bug to have a hand in), but we haven’t found anything we really like yet and I’m not sure, but we might be waiting to find out how big he’s going to be before we buy something.

Week: 32 weeks

Weight gain total: 24lbs as of yesterday morning…I haven’t gained anything since last week.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I’ve really tried to not eat a ton, just eating a good meal when I’m hungry and trying to cut back on the snacks.  I’ve still had the ice cream and the occasional chips and candy, but I’m trying to go easy.  I’m just thankful the STARVING feeling has dissipated.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I’m still wanting chocolate and as with Bug’s pregnancy, lunch meat.  I’d really love to have a turkey sub with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese on it.  I’ve still be eating my ice cream and I wanted pudding the other day (both chocolate, of course.)

Sleep: My sleeping has not improved.  It’s killing me to sleep on my sides.  I wake up every morning with pain in my hips and when I get up in the night to go pee, I walk like an old lady with pain in my back.  Many times in the night I’ll wake up to my shoulders hurting or my arms asleep.  I’ve been having so much trouble turning over, too.  Last night I rolled onto my back and felt like a turtle turned on it’s shell.  I had to roll back and forth a bit before I could get momentum enough to roll to my other side.  I also get tangled up in the sheets, which sucks…

Clothing: Friday, I picked up some  Basic Edition tops from Kmart on clearance/sale.  I decided to buy regular shirts rather than maternity shirts so I can wear them after the pregnancy.

Baby: Baby Fidget’s movements have actually become a little more painful.  I believe he’s still sitting head down like the dr said, with his butt around my belly button.    He’s either pushing with his feet or his hands along my hips (usually my left one) and pressing up with his butt.  Ouch!

Symptoms: My wrist is still hurting.  I have been wearing a wrist brace quite often.   Today it actually feels much better, although it’s still a little sore.  I took the brace off last night to give it a rest.   I’m actually not sure if it’s true Pregnancy Induced Carpel Tunnel or if I just pulled/tore a muscle.  The pain I feel is on the top of my wrist and really hurts when I move my wrist a certain way or if I pick things up.  I’m still holding off on knitting/crocheting.  Instead I’ve been trying to scrapbook a bit, which isn’t as strenuous.   Computer work, oddly enough, doesn’t really affect it.

Appointments: Darling Hubby and I both had dentist appointments Tuesday for cleanings.  I found that this cleaning was a little more brutal than past experiences.  I bled pretty badly, but the hygienist assured me that it was just a pregnancy side effect.  In fact, it’s one of the main reasons I though I might have been pregnant from the start.  My gums bled badly when I flossed before my last dentist appointment 6 months ago…Unfortunately, I do have to go back on the 12th for a small filling.  One of the teeth I had filled a little over a year ago, the one that I broke, has a slight chip out of the top of  it.  It’s only a small chip, but to me feels like a canyon and I’ve noticed small bits of food, like strawberry seeds, get caught in it.  I opted to have it taken care of prior to Baby Fidget’s arrival, mainly so I don’t have to find a sitter (Bug will be in school) and so I don’t push it off and let it get worse.

I go back next Wednesday at 33 weeks for my next doctors appointment.  I’m debating on talking with the dr about when to schedule the weight check ultrasound…I worry it may be to early in their eyes to start thinking about it, but I need to start thinking about getting dates together so I can find coverage for who is going to watch Bug.  The coverage I had lined up fell through for reasons I won’t go into here, so I feel the need to plan.  In theory, I’d love to have the weight check at 37 weeks and based on that, either be induced or have the c-section  before 38 weeks.  In a way, I kinda feel that I’m owed an early delivery because they let me go to 42 weeks with Bug and he was nearly 10lbs.  I want a small baby this time around and I’m really hoping to have a VBAC.  Maybe I’ll just go into labor on my own.  🙂  That would be nice.  lol  In reality, I do just want a healthy baby.

Here’s a picture that Bug took for me last night:

32 Weeks Pregnant - 8 Months

32 Weeks Pregnant - 8 Months


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