34 Week Update

Week: 34 weeks

Weight gain total: 27lbs…I blame all the dang Easter candy that Bug collected over the weekend…and those muffins and cookies I made!  lol

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I haven’t really been craving anything new…I’m still enjoying chocolate and fresh grapefruit (though not together).

Sleep: I’ve been hit or miss in the sleeping department lately.  I’ve been waking up at least twice to go to the bathroom and change positions (it’s easier to get out of bed than to just roll over) and sometimes it’s just hard for me to fall back to sleep.  I’ve also been plagued by leg cramps, which wake me up at least a couple times a week.

Belly Button and Stretch Marks: I’m still an innie, but it’s getting shallow and sometimes the top pokes out and the stretch marks are still there.

Baby: Baby Fidget’s movements are still painful sometimes and it’s getting worse!  He’s still sitting head down, with his butt around my belly button.    He’s either pushing with his feet or his hands along my hips (usually my left one) and pressing up with his butt.  Ouch!  Sometimes when he turns around it literally stops me in my tracks.  It’s no fun when I’m driving!  Last night there was some appendage poking out and it really hurt!

Symptoms: Nothing new in the symptom department.  Still waking up to pee a couple times a night and the leg cramps at night.  I’ve had several people tell me to eat a banana before bed and that would help.  I picked up a bunch this morning so hopefully that will help.  My sister-in-law also suggested more calcium, which would give me a good excuse to eat pudding and ice cream.  I have made an attempt to up my calcium intake by eating more cheese and yogurt.  Hopefully it will make a difference.

Nesting: I think I’ve started nesting a bit, but not like I would like.  Yesterday I did go through everything on my kitchen counter.  I cleared it all off, wiped it all down, rearranged it, tossed and recycled a bunch of papers.  I also went through and disposed of some of the cleaners on the bathroom shelves; things I haven’t used in years.   It felt really good to get rid of and clean a bit, but there really are things I should tackle more so than the kitchen counter…lol

Appointments: I have a dentist appointment on Monday for a quick filling – the dentist needs to fill in a small chip on a tooth that was fill a year ago and I have another doctors appointment Wednesday at 35 weeks.  Hopefully they’ll schedule the weight check ultrasound then.  It will probably be for 38 weeks.

Preparing for baby: I finished organizing all the clean clothes in the baby’s dresser and pulled out some receiving blankets, burp clothes and bibs for the next load of laundry to be tackled.  We still have to move the rocking chair from Bug’s room into the baby’s room, but I think we’ll wait until the baby’s officially here.  We also need to bring down, wash/disinfect the swing.  If Baby Fidget is anything like his brother, he’s going to love the swing so I want to have it handy…must get new batteries, too!  lol  I totally forgot to swap out the play pen that I have for the better one that my mom has…I’m hoping that she’ll bring it up and swap them out when she comes up to visit after Baby Fidget arrives.  We still need to pick out a coming home outfit, too…I like one that has little dinosaurs on it at Walmart, while Bug prefers a bear one…Guess daddy is going to be the deciding vote…lol

Other stuff on my mind: I randomly realized last night that I only have 3 weeks until I’m considered full term.  I’m still hoping that I’ll go into labor on my own, but I’m not convinced it’s going to happen.  I did come back from Easter to find that two of my online mommy friends who were due at the end of March and the middle of April both had their baby boys on Friday and Saturday.  I’m a bit jealous!  lol I still have to pack a bag of some sort to bring to the hospital…I’m just not really feeling totally on the ball lately.  Maybe I should start on that tomorrow!  lol

I’m also feeling a bit nervous about what to do with Bug when the baby is being born.  The person who I had planned on having him stay with has some personal reasons why she can’t take time off of work to stay with him…I’m not sure if she’d still be willing to watch him if it were overnight or a weekend.  I’m nervous that we are going to be in a bind.  I just hate asking my other friends because they have their own jobs they need to be there for (not that my one friends job is any less important, she was just willing and offered to to take the time and for good reasons had to revoke the offer) and they have their own kids to take care of and schedules to keep.  One has a new baby, too, so I’d hate to bug her about watching him…though her son would love some Bug time!  lol

I didn’t get a picture taken tonight…I didn’t think about it until I was already in my jammies for the night…maybe tomorrow.  lol


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