Food For Friday 4/12- 4/25

There doesn’t seem to be much on sale that I want/need this week, so I’m attempting to use up some meat that I’ve got frozen in the freezer.  Plus, the next 2 weeks seem to be super busy around dinner time and I’m trying to come up with easy meals that can be prepped in advance or will be super fast to cook after Tae Kwon Do class (Bug has 4 Tae Kwon Do classes over the next 2 weeks (M&W) and they cut into my dinner prep) and picking up Darling Hubby from work.

I was also directed to this great website, by one of my mommy friends.  It has a variety of meals that cost less than $5 each.  I’m sure our prices for things here in NY are higher than wherever the blog writer is from, but just having some new recipes is good.  I’m going to try out her beef stroganoff and mini calzones.

Monday – (TKD) Craft Night – Leana’s turn (Lasagna) – Brats and tots at home for the guys
Tuesday – Pot roast with potatoes and carrots
Wednesday – (TDK) Waffles and breakfast sausages
Thursday – Game Night – Dinner TBD – Turkey burgers
Friday – Tacos
Saturday – Chicken curry

Monday – (TDK) Craft Night – Rose’s turn – Hamburger Helper at home for the guys
Tuesday Beef Stroganoff over noodles with broccoli
Wednesday -(TDK – last one!) Mini calzones <– using my go to crust recipe
Thursday – Rotisserie chicken breast, rice and veggies
Friday – Chicken Caesar Salad
Sunday Baked fried chicken


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