35 Week Update

This was written on Wednesday, 4/14, but because I’m feeling rather lazy lately and didn’t get my belly picture taken until Friday, it’s not getting posted until Sunday…oh well!  lol

Week: 35 weeks

Weight gain total: 28lbs…I’m actually OK with this.  I’ve got about 4 more weeks (If I have a c-section, it will probably be at 39 weeks) and if I can keep my weight gain at the recommended 1lb/week, I think I”ll be ok.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I haven’t been craving anything really.  I’ve still been wanting chocolate and ice cream.  I have been eating lots of fresh fruit (grapefruit, strawberries, bananas) but I have also been bad in the junk food department, munching on the candy that Bug got for Easter.

Sleep: I’ve still been hit or miss in the sleeping department.  I’m still waking up at least once to go to the bathroom (around 3am) and change positions (it’s still easier to get out of bed than to just roll over) and sometimes it’s just hard for me to fall back to sleep.  The leg cramps are still present, but only if I don’t eat a banana before bed…like last night.  Last night I also had some very strange and vivid dreams…they were all random and didn’t make sense.

Belly Button and Stretch Marks: I’m still an innie, but it’s getting shallower and the top pokes out and the stretch marks are still there.   I’m also starting to sport the faint beginnings of the Linea Nigra.  I’m actually surprised that it didn’t show up sooner like it did with Bug’s pregnancy.

Baby: OUCH!  That’s all I have to say!  Last night and today Fidget was moving around a ton and it was really painful.  I think he’s pressing on my prior c-section scar.  I actually had to get up and walk around to get him to shift position and stop.

Symptoms: I’m still waking up to pee a couple times a night and the leg cramps at night are still there.  I have found that if I don’t eat a banana before going to bed, I get leg cramps…last night for instance.  I’ve also noticed that I have episodes where I start feeling shaky and weak and after I’m really tired.  I asked the dr about it and he said it’s probably just a low blood sugar thing and that I should eat and drink something.  My blood count from 2 weeks ago came back fine, so I’m not anemic…I was going to ask about that in combo with the shaky feeling since taking my prenatal vitamin seems to help.

Nesting: I had Darling Hubby bring down several bins of baby clothes from the attic so I could sort through them, reorganize them, label them and put them back in the attic.  It was good that I did.  I found the hooded towels I was missing.  I just have to wash the next batch of baby laundry…I just haven’t been feeling it lately…

Appointments: I had a dentist appointment on Monday for a quick filling.  It wasn’t near as bad as I imagined and I’m glad I got it out of the way prior to the baby’s arrival.  I did notice that when the dentist would start drilling, Fidget would start moving around a ton…I don’t think he cared for the drill any more than I did!

I had my 35 week appointment this morning (Wednesday) with Dr. O.  Fidget’s heartbeat was at 138bpm.  He was resting, so it was lower than last time.  He did have the hiccups while I was driving to the appointment and from that I was able to tell he was still head down.  The dr said we’ll schedule the weight check for 38 weeks, so I should know specifically sometime in the next 2 weeks.  I did learn that they do not induce for VBACs, which kinda screws with my plan, but if I’m allowed to go into labor on my own, I’d like that…I’m actually hoping for 37 weeks, so keep those fingers crossed for me!  I still feel owed after being forced to go to 42 weeks with Bug!  The dr did say that I could just elect to have a c-section prior to 40 weeks if I don’t want to wait for the baby to make up his mind.  I’m hoping he’s not going to be as stubborn as his big brother in the l&d department.  The dr did seem to think that Fidget will be much smaller than Bug, esp since I haven’t gained a ton of weight this time.  I go back in next week on Monday at 35 weeks 5 days.  It’s with one of the delivery doctors I haven’t seen yet, so I need to get in a little earlier than my preferred Wednesday time slot.

Preparing for baby: Like I said before, I found the missing hooded towels and added them to the laundry basket, which still needs to be tackled.  We still need to bring down, wash/disinfect the swing.  I bought a wicker basket to put on the changing table for storing the diapers and boxes of wipes (I got it on sale at Joann’s Crafts for less than $8, originally $20.)  I’m thinking we should at some point soon, install the infant carrier in the car so it ‘s done and we don’t have to worry about it later…esp since I’ll be considered full term in 2 weeks.  I want to attempt breastfeeding again this time since it didn’t work out so well with Bug.  I do need to wash several of the bottles and things just in case I end up needing to formula feed.  I also need to find a touch lamp for on top of the dresser in the baby’s room so I don’t have to turn the big light on in the middle of the night.  Other than that, I think we are pretty well prepared.

Other stuff on my mind: I started to pack up a bag for the hospital.  So far I’ve got some travel size shampoos and a toothbrush/mini tube of toothpaste kit.  I figure it would be better to pack a few little small things rather than rushing around trying to pack the big versions of those things while I’m in labor or having Darling Hubby collect it all and bring it later.  I’ve also got some snacks, a book to read, and some warm socks.  I’m going to toss in my smaller bathrobe, too.

Here’s a picture that was taken on Friday at 35 weeks, 3 days.  Pardon my hair…not a good hair day that day.  lol

35 weeks 3 days

35 weeks, 3 days pregnant


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