38 Week Update

Week: 38 weeks

Weight gain total: As of before my appointment yesterday, my scale told me I was up a grand total of 36lbs.  It’s more than I wanted to gain, but I only have, once again, myself to blame.  Over the past couple weeks at game night I’ve been munching way more than I should have…those dreaded slim jims are probably my biggest issue…lol  I’m trying to eat healthier now and not munch or snack as much…it’s kinda tough because, once again, I’m starving all the time.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: Slim jims are my bane this time around…that and chocolate.

Sleep: My sleeping has been pretty bad lately.  Part of it was the heat and high humidity we had over the weekend.  I couldn’t get comfortable and didn’t want the added heat of my body pillow, so I was miserable.  Monday, however, I managed to get a good nights sleep.  I went to bed earlier than normal, managed to get comfortable and only woke up 2 times to pee.  My mood on Tuesday was greatly improved, which made for a good day all around.  Last night, however, I was up at least 4 times to pee and just couldn’t get comfortable enough to stay asleep.  Despite that, my mood is pretty good today (maybe those nasty hormones have evened out some?) and I’ve been relatively productive in the cleaning and crafting department.

Belly Button and Stretch Marks: I still have those nasty stretch marks and my belly button has pushed out a little further.  Bug thinks it’s kinda funny looking…

Baby: Baby Fidget is still moving around a ton.  He’s very head down with his butt and feet kicking the top of my stomach.  Sometimes when he moves just right it hurts, but the pain has decreased some, which makes me happy.

Nesting: Nothing really new to report…

Appointments: I had my 38 week appointment yesterday with Dr. Brosnen.  I also had a quick ultrasound done to check the baby’s weight.  Right now, (best guess from the ultrasound) baby weighs in at about 7lbs 12oz.  Now, most babies will gain about an ounce a day and with me having 2 more weeks, it could push him up to over 8.5lbs.  But, the thing is that the ultrasound is a rough estimate.  The tech was having a lot of trouble getting a good top view of his head because he’s SO FAR DOWN!  So, according to Dr. Brosnen, the weight could be off 20% in either direction, which means he could weigh anywhere between 6.2lbs to 9.3 right now…In an attempt to make me feel better, the doctor told me about a VBAC he did last week where the ultrasound put the baby over 8lbs and the actual birth weight was only 6lbs…so, it can happen.  I’m really hoping that he is on the smaller side.  Everyone keeps telling me that 2nd babies are bigger…but, I was also 2 weeks over due with Bug, so had he been born on time, he might have only been 8lbs 13 oz rather than the 9lbs 13 oz he was…

Oh, and good news…Baby Fidget is still a boy.  🙂  In the back of my mind I was kinda worried about that changing…lol

Anyway, I did have Dr. Brosnen check me for any signs that something was happening and he said that I’m less than a fingertip dilated and I’m starting to thin out.  He was kinda reluctant to check me because he didn’t want me to get disappointed…I just wanted to know if because the baby is so far down if it was doing anything.  I have been having a lot of pressure and pain, so I’m glad that something is happening, even if it isn’t a ton.  I know I’m not going to get my Friday delivery like I want, but it’s nice to know that something is going on and I’m not going to be pregnant forever!  Anyway, it’s probably best that I don’t go into labor this weekend because our main people who are available to watch Bug will be out of town from Friday to Sunday…

I go back next Tuesday for another dr. visit.  It’s with some new doctor I’ve never heard of before…

Preparing for baby: This weekend we got the infant carrier installed and all ready to go.  We still need to bring down the swing and get batteries.  I think I’ll have Darling Hubby do that tonight so I can take off the fabric and wash it Friday with Bug’s clothes since I don’t have any other baby stuff to wash.

Other stuff on my mind: I still have to finish packing my hospital bag and get it in the car…I don’t know why I’m being such a slacker about this…I have most everything packed save for a couple things.  I also want to grab some yarn and a simple/small project I can work on while I’m stuck in the hospital after the baby is born.  If it’s during the week, there’s no point in Darling Hubby staying with me all day and Bug can go to school like normal.  I’ll be bored out of my mind probably and keeping my hands busy will help.  I know I’ll have a new baby to tend to, but I’m sure he’ll sleep for a good portion of the time (at least Bug did) and I’m not sure I want to get the TV turned on…that all depends on if I have a VBAC or another c-section…if I’m there longer, I’ll definitely have to have the TV on…I’ll go crazy!  lol  And, I’m pretty sure I can crochet with a baby sleeping in my lap…lol

Pictures – I need to take a shower before I take a belly picture this week…I’m just waiting for the dishwasher to finish its cycle.  I do have some ultrasound pictures, but they aren’t the greatest.  He’s pretty smooshed up in there, so the tech couldn’t get a good look at his face (he’s facing my back, which is the way he’s supposed to be facing), so she didn’t even try for pictures.  At least I know he’s still a boy!  lol  Either later today or tomorrow I’ll update with a new belly picture.  🙂


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