Plan B (or should I say C?) Scheduled

So I had my weekly check up today with a new doctor…she was really nice (though her last name was Hirt!) and I talked her into letting me schedule my repeat c-section (though she did have to go ask someone else if it was ok…)  I don’t know why everyone said I could schedule it and then they all seem hesitant to do it.   She did check me and according to her there is nothing going on…I’d really hoped that I’d have at least a cm or 2 under my belt at this point, esp with the contractions I was having Saturday morning and the pain I’ve been experiencing when Fidget moves just right, but…sadly, it seems that I back tracked a bit from last week when, according to a Dr. Brosnan, I was starting to thin out and almost a fingertip dilated…It’s all a matter of opinion really…I guess that’s why they call it “medical practice.”

Anyway, my repeat c-section is scheduled for next Monday, the 17th at 12:30pm.  Dr. Vu, who performed Bug’s c-section, will be attending.  I go in for my pre-op appt on Friday at 10:30.  Thankfully, Darling Hubby will be going with me.  At any rate I’ll be getting a birthday with a 7 in it.  Bug was supposed to be born on January 17th…that was his official due date…Maybe this 17th was meant to be?

In a way I’m both happy and sad about it.  I really do still want to go into labor on my own and have a successful VBAC, but at the same time I don’t want to be left in limbo to wait and see and find out that Fidget is going to be a big one just like his big brother was, despite the fact that everyone keeps telling me he’s not as big as Bug was.  I don’t want to have to labor for all those hours again just to end up with surgery…I guess I just want to take the short cut and just get the surgery.  I do still have 6 days left to go into labor on my own, so hope is not all lost…I just think I know my body and that seeing as how Bug was so overdue there’s no way I’ll ever have an early baby…without medical intervention.

Here’s a picture I took this morning at 38 weeks, 6 days .  You can see I’m pretty much all belly and he’s dropped…I just don’t think he’s planning an entrance any time soon…

38 weeks 6 days pregnant

38 weeks 6 days pregnant


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