Pre-Op Appointment

My pre-op appointment yesterday was interesting, to say the least.  I had to laugh through the whole thing…otherwise I would really be worried at this point…

So, we get up to the 3rd floor L&D a few minutes early (my appt was for 10:30, but I like to be early) and when I go to check in they can’t find any of my paperwork.  Um…yeah, that’s not promising.  They search and search and nothing…so we end up standing around in the hall for a few minutes until they figure out what they are going to do.  I was actually glad I wasn’t in labor…lol

So one of the nurses, Mary Sue (who told me things are always this hectic – even though the whole floor was super quiet…I can only imagine true hectic-ness.) gathers up some of the necessary paperwork (blank forms) and finds a small room where we can sit down and talk.  I have to answer a ton of questions…all of which would have been answered on the paperwork they should have had since they would have had my records.  We laugh and joke about the whole thing being chaos…

Probably the weirdest thing is that I have to shower with antiseptic soap Sunday night and Monday morning before my surgery.  I’ve never actually heard this before…I guess it reduces your risk of incision infections.

They had to draw my blood to check on various things and finding a room to put me in was like pulling teeth using a fine tooth comb…yeah…The first room was blocked off like it was being cleaned, but there was no one working.  The 2nd room was also dirty…the 3rd room was finally clean…we just had to traverse most of the L&D floor to get there!  lol  I got to hear Baby Fidget’s heart beat (I think it was around 160 something) and she took my blood pressure and temperature and both were good.  The blood draw wasn’t bad.  I don’t have a fear of needles and I don’t mind having my blood drawn…I just can’t watch you stick the needle in my arm.  I can watch the vials fill, but rather not watch the first poke.

I have to be at the hospital by 10:30am for my 12:30 c-section.  I have to shower Sunday night and Monday morning with the antiseptic soap and I have to make sure my hair is clean and I need to leave my jewelry at home.   I also have to do my impression of a Mog-wai…no food or drink after midnight…lol  Well, I can drink up until 3am since my surgery isn’t until 12:30 and they say 8 hours is a good fasting time.

I’m still hoping to go into labor on my own today or tomorrow, but I’m thinking the chances are slim to none.  I tried eating spicy food at Friendly’s last night when we took Bug out for a final family of 3 dinner.  I also tried to kick start labor by mowing the back lawn with the non gas powered push mower…that didn’t work either.  I did some walking this morning at some garage sales, but still nothing.  But, I still have the rest of the day and tomorrow.  Either way, we’ll be meeting baby Fidget soon!


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