What Am I Forgetting?

Darling Hubby and I both feel like we are forgetting something important that we either need to buy or do before Monday when Baby Fidget makes his arrival.  For the life of me, I can’t think what it is that I’m missing that isn’t already on our list of things to pick up tomorrow.

We’ve got the crib set up, changing table fully stocked with diapers, his clothes are washed and stashed in the dresser.  The swing has been brought down, washed and disinfected and is in working order.  The vibrating chair is clean and ready to go.  We just need to pick up some C batteries tomorrow…the rocker is in the room.  I’ve got sample formula just in case the breastfeeding doesn’t go well…I’ve got a bottle or 2 to use (and like a friend said, we can always make a Target run if we need to.

My hospital bag is packed and in the car with the boppy (it’s been there since Tuesday).  Bug’s big brother gift is in there along with my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body poof, toothbrush and toothpaste, brush/comb, my bathrobe, new slippers, fuzzy socks, flip flops for the shower, the baby’s coming home outfit, my coming home clothes, snacks, and a book for me to read.  I still need to pack some yarn and a crochet hook to bring with me to work on, but I know this isn’t the big thing that is nagging us.

I have one bill that needs to be paid tomorrow…and we need to pick up C batteries along with a pizza  for dinner at some point in the week for DH and Bug tomorrow…

It just feels like there is something big that we are forgetting about…I’m not really worried about Bug…he’ll be in school for the surgery and a friend will pick him up, bring him to his house to play with his son and feed him dinner.  Tuesday and Wednesday he’ll be in school and daddy will pick him up and bring him to visit.  Dinner  is pretty well figured out for those 2 nights.  I’m probably going to be released on Thursday so we may have Bug skip school so my discharge time doesn’t interfere with picking him up…when Bug was born I was supposed to be released late morning and it wasn’t until nearly 3pm that I was finally sprung from the joint…That would make us miss Bug’s pick up time…

I’m sure whatever it is we are missing or need to do will come to us…if it’s something we need to buy, Target, Walmart and the grocery store are right around the corner…It’s probably nothing…it’s just a nagging feeling and I hate feeling like I’m forgetting something…


3 thoughts on “What Am I Forgetting?

  1. Nope..that’s not it either…that’s been in the car for a couple weeks now, too…lol

    We think it might be baby wipes because I only have a few…either that or settling on a middle name…

    I still have that nagging feeling, but I’m sure whatever it is will come to us or it just wasn’t that important to begin with. It’s probably just pre-surgery jitters.

  2. it does sound like pre surgery jitters. You sound very prepared.
    I never got close to my due dates to be jittery the day before surgery. They were always ahead of schedule!

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