Fun at the Fair

Last Wednesday, Darling Hubby took the day off and we took the boys back to our hometown area for the annual county fair.  We haven’t been there in 5 years, not since Bug was 6 months old.  We went on Wednesday because it was kids day and I wanted to enter Fidget in the baby contest, just like we did with Bug when he was 6 months old.  We got up bright and early and hit the road shortly before 8am (about 15 minutes later than we wanted) and despite the “Sunday drivers” who weren’t even obeying the posted speed limits, we managed to get there just as the final people were signing up for the baby contest.

There were 4 different age groups for the kids; 2-3 years, 1-2 years, 6-12 months and birth to 6 months.  Fidget was in the last group, having just turned 3 months the day before.

Fidget and Mommy in the Baby Show

Fidget and Mommy in the Baby Show

There were 4 categories in each age group; friendliest, shiest, sturdiest and daintiest.  Every kid in the show is a winner and would receive a dollar coin and free ice cream.  Since there were only 4 babies in his age group, Fidget was guaranteed to win one of the categories and was picked as shiest.  Had he smiled like he was before we had to wait through the other 3 age groups, I think he would have won friendliest.  He won a $2 bill and free ice cream, which being too young for, he gave to his big brother, who thoroughly enjoyed it.

My "shy" little guy!
My “shy” little guy!

After the baby show wrapped up, we wandered through the commercial tents to see what everyone had for sale and so Bug could get his “free stuff.”    He ended up with a lollipop, a “fan” and a rock for his collection.  In the 4-H and collections barns there were all sorts of crafts, including this awesome quilt (which I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of ) that had a train with mountains, farm land and even clouds, all pieced together.  It was a work of art.  There were also some baby chicks that had just hatched that morning.  They are so cute when they are little.

We meandered over to the animal barns to see all the animals.  There was everything from rabbits, guinea pigs (Cavy), chickens and roosters to goats, sheep, pigs, horses and cows.   Bug enjoyed petting these lambs (they were so soft!).

Bug petting the lambs
Bug petting the lambs

Bug also got to pet this cow who was resting.  He was very cautious when approaching her and very gently petted her on the cheek.

Gently petting a cow
Gently petting a cow

Daddy, who spent part of his childhood on a farm with cows, showed him that it was OK to pet her on her forehead and gave her a good scratch.  I think she enjoyed the attention.

Petting a cow
Petting a cow

We took a break for lunch and went out to the car and had a picnic lunch and after we hit the midway for some rides.  Bug was pestering us the whole day to go ride the rides.  From his expression in this picture, I’m not sure he was that impressed!  lol

He's thinking, "This boat is too slow!"
He’s thinking, “This boat is too slow!”
Now this is more like it!
Now this is more like it!
Bug on the Carousel
Bug on the Carousel
Climbing the rope ladder
Climbing the rope ladder on the adventure maze

By 3pm everyone was tired and hot and poor Fidget was getting pretty cranky.  We decided to just head home, which gave Darling Hubby the chance to still have his night off.  Overall it was a great day.  Bug has already been asking if we can go back next year!  I’m game for that!  lol


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