Something New This Way Comes!

One year ago today I took my road test and passed, giving me the go ahead to drive alone on the roads of New York.  Since that day I’ve driven practically everyday of the week to bring Bug to school, Darling Hubby to work, to pick Bug up from school and Darling Hubby from work, not to mention all the errands and doctor appointments.  It made for a lot of time in the car for me, which was fine because I actually like driving and it gives me time to think and listen to music.  Plus, the freedom I have is a big bonus!  lol  The downside was that Darling Hubby had to go into work later so we could get Bug to school on time and later I’d have to load Bug back into the car to go pick up Darling Hubby from work.  Darling Hubby couldn’t just go home when he wanted to, he had to call me and wait at least half an hour for me to get there and at least once a week we’d run extra errands like going to the bank and comic shop afterward, which meant a longer trip.  It cut into my time to make dinner and after a while I could tell that Bug was starting to hate it because of all the whining he did.  I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having to load both kids in the car in the afternoon to go pick up Darling Hubby, esp in the winter…that’s just asking for colds or an accident with the kids in the car.  Plus, it was racking up the miles on the car and we were using a ton of gas on the trips back and forth.

Ironically, today on the anniversary of me getting my license, Darling Hubby and I (well, just him really) signed the lease paperwork for a new car for me.  A 2010 Scion Xd.  It’s a lot like our current Toyota Matrix and I’m hoping that I love driving it!  We pick it up tomorrow evening after they install the armrest that, oddly enough is not a standard option, and the Garman Nav system that I got for free.  I’m sure the nav system will come in handy cause I have absolutely no sense of direction!  lol

I’m looking forward to having my own mode of transportation and not having the responsibility of getting Darling Hubby to and from work all the time. I’m also looking forward to fewer gas fill-ups in the long run, too!

I’ll update with a picture of me and my new ride after we pick it  up!  Squee!


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