Photo Challenge – June 1-3

Since I’m a bit behind, here are the first 3 photos for the challenge.

June 1st – a self portrait, complete with summertime pigtails!

June 1 - Self Portrait

June 2nd – Favorite Shoes – I’m not a shoe person.  I don’t have favorite shoes and I hate to shoe shop.  I just wear them and I hate storing them…these are my oldest son’s and my shoes next to the brick fireplace in the living room where they sit when they are taken off.

Favorite Shoes - June 2nd

June 3rd – Hands – Baby Fidget (who’s not technically a baby anymore since he turned 1 last month) was my model.  Doesn’t he have the most beautiful eyes! Like his brother he’s a thumbsucker and when he’s getting sleepy, you’ll find that little thumb in his mouth and his other hand holding on so it won’t escape. ❤  Just look at those little pudgy and slightly grubby (from eating cinnamon toast for breakfast) paws!

Baby Fidget's Pudgy Baby Hands June 3rd


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