Photo Challenge – June 11-15

I feel behind a bit because we went away for Father’s day weekend and this week was busy with the end of school, but I’m catching back up!  Here are the 5 newest pictures for the June Photo Challenge

June 11th – Silhouette – This was taken on Christmas Eve 2006 after coming home from visiting family for the Holiday.  It’s one of my favorites.

June 12th – Sun Flare

June 13th – Childhood Reminder – This was once my tree house that my parents built me when I was around 7 or 8.  It was called Cratewood Manor because it was built from old wooden crates. It hung in a big tree in the woods for many years until I grew up and moved away.  My parents took it down and transported it down near the house so my mom could house chickens in it.  The chickens may be gone now and replaced with tools and random things, but I’ll always remember all the fun times my friends and I had in that old tree house whenever I look at it.

June 14th – Someone You Love – My Dad – he was burning the garbage and didn’t know I was taking pictures.

June 15th – Action – Doing 65mph on the highway.


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