Yet Another Sweater

I’m sure that’s what Darling Hubby is thinking!  lol  I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere before that I’m always cold and have a huge love of blankets and warm sweaters.  Since my house practically has blankets in every room (and many in storage) I figured my next crafting project probably shouldn’t be a blanket.

After making Nancy Fry’s “Bella’s New Moon Hooded Cardigan” last year it has been my favorite sweater.  I seriously wear it every week.  My only wish was that I had made it in a darker color…having an 18 month old can cause it to get dirty quickly!  I decided that since I love the sweater so much I would make it again in a darker color.  I was leaning toward a dark grey or a dark green.  The pattern calls for Dusty Green in Vanna’s Choice (which is similar to the color of the sweater Bella wore in New Moon, but when I went to buy the yarn at Joann’s, they didn’t have a single skein of Dusty Green, so I went with Charcoal Grey instead.  My only mistake was that I didn’t realize Vanna’s Choice comes in 170 yrd skeins rather than the 197 yrd skeins that the pattern writer used (she must have bought bigger skeins).  So, I bought 6 skeins like the pattern called for (I’m making the largest size).  They were on sale, so it cost less than $15.   I didn’t notice my error until I was switching balls of yarn for the sleeves… (each sleeve used a little over 1 skein of yarn).  I had to go back to get buttons, so I picked up another skein, but of course they didn’t have the same dye lot…I just hope it isn’t a problem…fingers crossed I don’t even have to use it and I can return it or use it for mittens or something.

Anyway, I started the project on December 27th and so far I’ve gotten both sleeves finished and I’m 15 rows into the body (just past the first button hole.)  I seriously love following this pattern.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way Nancy wrote it out, row by row, giving you a place to check off when you’ve finished each row.  This is, in my humble opinion, how every pattern (bigger than a hat or scarf) should be written.  I’m forever using scraps of paper to write down and cross off what row I’m on.  I’m sending out big KUDOS! to Nancy on her pattern writing skills!  🙂

So, that’s what I’m working on now.  I’m hoping to get if finished before the end of the month.   Last time it took me over 3 months to finish and that was just because of laziness and a bit of frustration!  I had the bulk the of sweater finished in 2 months, but it took me over a month longer to pick it up and do the sewing for the button holes, buttons and getting the hood front assembled.

I think this time I’m going to do the hood a little differently.  I got a bit discouraged last time because I was having some difficulty getting the hood front attached properly…and while I didn’t get it exactly right I finished it and was happy with it…just took me a little longer than necessary.  So, rather than knit a separate front pane like the pattern says, I’m going to pick up stitches along the hood and knit a panel to fold over.  I can’t take credit for this idea…I saw a fellow Raveler did it and her hood looked great!  Hopefully I can recreate what she did and that it will remedy the twisting issue.


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