100th Post = 100 Random Things About Me!

Huzzah! It’s my 100th post! I can’t believe I’ve actually had 100 different things to talk about. Well, in honoring the blogging world tradition of posting a list of 100 things, I’m posting a list of 100 things about me…they are in no particular order and some are VERY random. Happy reading!

  1. I like to do laundry. I enjoy seeing the dirty, smell clothes go into the washer and come out smelling clean and fresh. I like hanging them out on the clothesline in the backyard in the summer and on drying racks in the winter. I like folding up those clean dry clothes and putting them away. It feels good to see the whole process through from start to finish.
  2. On the other hand. I hate the act of washing dishes. I like the end result of having clean dishes and clear counters, but I hate actually washing and scrubbing.
  3. I love chocolate, especially homemade hot chocolate in the winter.
  4. Christmas is my favorite holiday…and not because of the presents.
  5. Cats are my favorite animals.
  6. I own 1 cat, 3 dogs and a tank full of tropical fish.
  7. I enjoy cooking and eating.
  8. I love to sleep.
  9. I’m not a morning person.
  10. I enjoy doing crafts (scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting and knitting)
  11. I hate being cold
  12. I have a blanket obsession…see 11
  13. I watch too much tv. It’s gotten worse since we had the DVR installed.
  14. I really should listen to more music.
  15. I love taking pictures.
  16. I have a 14G hard drive on my computer that just for pictures. It has 10G full already.
  17. I love to type and write things out by hand. I like my handwriting most days.
  18. I love to read and have a whole bookshelf of books that have yet to be cracked.
  19. I’m a good listener.
  20. I can’t stand following politics. Even the thought of it makes me go crazy.
  21. I love sitting in front of the fireplace soaking up the warmth.
  22. I’m scared of lighting matches, the ones in the little books. I can manage just fine if they are the stick matches. I’m afraid of burning my fingers.
  23. Curling up under a nice warm blanket with a hot beverage and a good book is one of my favorite ways to pass the time
  24. I don’t drink coffee (yuck!) Tea for me, please.
  25. I like to have a clean house, but sometimes hate the process to get there.
  26. I never make my bed in the morning…it only gets made if I change the sheets.
  27. I like getting mail in the hopes that something good will be waiting for me. I love getting packages…even if they are just little free samples of things I’ve requested online.
  28. I’m nosy. I need to know what’s going on outside my house if I see police, firetrucks, or ambulances.
  29. I hate when people come around knocking on my door trying to preach their way of religion on me. Honestly, if I wanted religion, I’d find it myself.
  30. I don’t have a problem with religion…I can talk with others about their religion…I just hate when others feel the need to push their religion on me, trying to convert me.
  31. I’m a gamer. Yep, I play Dungeons and Dragons.
  32. I talk with my hands when I tell a story, even if I’m on the phone.
  33. I believe in ghosts and enjoy a good spooky story during Halloween.
  34. I’ve had my own paranormal experience.
  35. I love watching Ghost Hunters on SciFi.
  36. I really enjoy it when it’s nap time in my house. I really can use the quiet time to myself to craft, blog or watch tv.
  37. My favorite cartoon character is Eeyore.
  38. I love the color purple.
  39. My favorite movies are Elizabethtown, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean (1-3), Dirty Dancing & Serendipity.
  40. I like my hair. It’s long and straight and easy to manage.
  41. I never blow dry my hair. I let it air dry.
  42. I like to cut my hair once every couple years and donate it to Locks of Love to make wigs for kids who suffer from medical hair loss.
  43. My favorite books are Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel and the Harry Potter series.
  44. I hate drinking plain water. I prefer juice (cranberry, grapefruit and orange)
  45. I’m sometimes bad about calling friends back. I usually think that I’ll find a better time to call them back and I never do…
  46. I used to bite my nails until I got engaged and my friend Shannon took me to get my nails done in acrylics. After that I try not to chew them off anymore. I’ve been successful at keeping them long.
  47. I’m not looking forward to potty training Bug.
  48. I once starved myself for a boy (not Darling Hubby). Lost 10 lbs in a week. It was a stupid thing to do.
  49. I have 2 older brothers. One is 20 years older than me, the other 18 years older.
  50. I gave away my oldest brothers wife during their wedding. I was 9 months old. The minister asked, “Who gives this woman?” and I answered in my loud wee voice, “ME!”
  51. I was a Girl Scout from the age of 6-12.
  52. I’ve sold so many magazine subscriptions and cookies, it’s not even funny.
  53. I’ve been to Girl Scout camp (Camp Amahami) on many occasions.
  54. My parents built me a tree house when I was away at Girl Scout camp one year.
  55. I played flute from 5th grade through 12th grade.
  56. I started marching band when I was in 6th grade.
  57. I never memorized the music that first year so I faked it in parades.
  58. I learned the alto saxophone in 10th grade so I could join jazz band. I played flute in jazz band, too.
  59. I taught myself the trumpet in 12th grade because we needed extra trumpets in marching band for our performance in The Disney Magic Music Days in Disney World.
  60. Our band director said I was the loudest trumpet.
  61. Darling Hubby chaperoned that Disney Trip. Keep in mind I was 17 and he was 25.
  62. On school band trips, I’ve only ever roomed with C Shell. We always managed to get a room to ourselves. We weren’t good at sharing with others.
  63. I’ve been to band camp.
  64. I was on Honor Roll in school.
  65. I was a member of the Honor Society.
  66. I graduated 4th in my class.
  67. I never really felt close to many people in my graduating class. Most of those who I was friends with have fallen off the face of the planet.
  68. I never went on my senior trip.
  69. This year is my 10 year reunion…I’m scared!
  70. I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood)
  71. I’ve fallen both up and down stairs.
  72. I’ve had stitches and staples.
  73. I was bitten in the face by my own dog (German shepherd) when I was 3 – resulting in the aforementioned stitches.
  74. I’ve had a c-section. Hence the staples.
  75. I hate calling doctor offices to schedule appointments.
  76. I hate spiders.
  77. Most of the stuff filling up our attic belongs to me. My mom saved everything.
  78. I use canvas bags when I go grocery shopping.
  79. I wear glasses and have since I was 6. I had contacts in high school, but they were to high maintenance for me.
  80. When I have computer access, I check my emails a zillion times a day.
  81. I’m dreading doing taxes this year.
  82. I can’t always bring myself to eat leftovers.
  83. I like to paint miniatures, but don’t always have time for it. Especially with all my other hobbies.
  84. I like collecting sets of dice. See reason in # 31.
  85. I CAN’T STAND Dora or Diego. I refuse to let Bug play with anything Dora or Diego or watch them on tv.
  86. I go through spurts where I want to organize and purge. The problem is, I don’t always have something to sort through when the urge hits me.
  87. I love going to garage sales. I like looking at other peoples things.
  88. I love finding a good book at a garage sale or library book sale. It makes me happy.
  89. I’ve only hosted a garage sale twice in my life. They were both a pain in the butt.
  90. The person I chat with online most often is Bernie. I’m chatting with him now about # 31.
  91. The place I do the most thinking is when I’m in the shower.
  92. I don’t sing in the shower.
  93. I enjoy taking long hot bubble baths. I like sinking down under the suds and reading a good book.
  94. I don’t mind changing diapers.
  95. I’ve been a member of a small baby board since I was pregnant with Bug. I’ve met 2 of the members.
  96. I’m also a member of a larger baby board. I’ve met several of the members of that group.
  97. The farthest West I’ve been is Chicago, IL.
  98. The farthest South I’ve been is the Bahamas (my honeymoon aboard a Disney Cruise Ship)
  99. I’d like to take another cruise or go back to Disney World.
  100. I’d love to visit Ireland and Scotland someday.

Whew! I made it!. There you have it, folks. That’s 100 things about moi! Ah ha ha ha ha! [insert thunder and lightening here] Ok, I’ve been watching too much Sesame Street with Bug. I hope you made it to the end, but I’ll understand if you don’t…