33 Week Update

Week: 33 weeks

Weight gain total: 25lbs…That’s 1 more pound in 2 weeks, not bad.  I can live with that.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I’m still eating my pretty much daily grapefruit and I still love my pudding.  I’m out of ice cream, which is probably a good thing…lol  I did make  5 dozen dark chocolate, butterscotch chip coconut cookies this week and will be making some Apple Cinnamon Butterscotch Muffins on Thursday for a friends Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning.   I’ve been really trying to eat well.

Sleep: My sleeping has improved a lot.  I’ve been sleeping with a pillow between my knees, which seems to help.  Tuesday night, though, I was sweating profusely and had a nasty leg cramp that woke me up around 4am.  I do have some trouble rolling from my left side to my right (I’m like a turtle stuck on it’s shell), so sometimes it’s just easier to get up and go to the bathroom than roll over.

Belly Button and Stretch Marks: I’m still an innie and I’ve had stretch marks since probably around 30 weeks or so.  I had them with Bug’s pregnancy, so I just assumed that I’d have them this time around, too, and I was right.

Baby: Baby Fidget’s movements are still painful sometimes.  He’s still sitting head down, with his butt around my belly button.    He’s either pushing with his feet or his hands along my hips (usually my left one) and pressing up with his butt.  Ouch!  Sometimes when he turns around it literally stops me in my tracks.  It’s no fun when I’m driving!

Symptoms: My wrist is feeling much better.  I think I just strained it rather than it being carpel tunnel.  The brace did help though and I’ve been able to go back to my crocheting and knitting.  I’ve noticed I’ve started having more leg cramps at night, though, which is pretty painful.  I still have to pee a lot, too.

Appointments: I had my 33 week dr appointment yesterday morning.  Baby is looking good.  Heart rate was 148bpm and is constantly moving.  I had to have a bit of extra blood work done because someone forgot to put a CBC (blood cell count) on the order with my glucose test.  It was an easy fix with just a simple blood draw, so I was ok with it…I did ask the dr about my chances for an early delivery.  He confirmed that I’ll have my weight check ultrasound at 38 weeks (according to my calculations, that would be around May 5th) and everything else would depend on my cervix and if it’s shortening and thinning…I’m still hoping for an early delivery…I still feel owed!  lol

Here is a picture taken last night.  You can see my new haircut…pardon it’s frizzy-ness.  I went to bed with it wet the night before and that’s something I just shouldn’t do!  lol  Plus, the constantly wet weather we’ve had recently hasn’t helped!

33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant


Works For Me Wednesday – Hardboiled Eggs

Works for Me Wednesday

With Easter coming fast and furious this weekend, those of us with kids know it’s time we got into the kitchen and hardboiled some eggs for coloring. I can remember back when I was little and my mom would reluctantly cook a dozen white eggs (we had chickens that laid brown eggs which weren’t good for coloring so we’d have to buy a dozen at the store) which her and my dad would then eat for the next week… Anyway, it was inevitable that one of those precious little white gems of mine would break before ever seeing the glory of its colored days.

I’ve since then solved the busted hardboiled egg problem! Get a pot of water boiling. While that’s heating, take a needle or a pin and poke a single small hole in the large end of each egg. Don’t worry, you won’t break the shell by putting a small hole in the bottom, unless you squeeze it too hard. This small hole allows the trapped air inside the egg to release out the end, thus preventing your eggs from breaking open during the cooking process. It also helps keep the yolk a pretty yellow color instead of turning all green. This is great for when you are making deviled eggs. When your water is boiling, toss a bit of salt in the water (I’m not entirely sure if this helps keep the shell from breaking, but it’s seemed to work in conjunction with the pin hole. At any rate, if an egg does happen to bust, it will already be nicely salted for you) and turn your heat down to med-low. Slowly submerge each egg in the water on a large spoon. Turn the heat back up to med-high and boil for 10-15 mins. Carefully drain off the hot water and rinse in cold water. Cool your eggs in the pot (either in cold water or dry) until they are cool enough to handle and then refridgerate overnight. Color anytime.

Oh, and if you are concerned about the dye seeping inside the egg shell though the pin hole, yes, this will happen a bit, but you can easily wipe off the dye before eating. It’s food safe so it’s not going to hurt you.

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