Wild, Weird, and Wacky Wednesday – Update Edition

It’s been such a long time since I posted a non giveaway related post and since Bug and Baby Girl are playing relatively nicely with the circular saw and drill (don’t worry, they are just toys! No need to call CPS!) I figured I’d sit down and type up some stuff and share some pictures. It’s been a while since I did a Wild, Weird and Wacky Wednesday post, too.

Things in my life are going well. Last Friday Darling Hubby, Bug and I went to the local apple orchard and picked several pounds of fresh apples. It was so super hot (nothing like a nice fall apple picking day) so we didn’t stay too long, basically just picked our apples and headed home, so I didn’t get too many good pictures. Oh well…Now I have 2 huge bags of apples sitting on my kitchen floor just waiting for me to make them into pies, crisps or just to munch. I hope we eat them all before they start to spoil. I do have to say Bug is in heaven. He’s eaten an apple for breakfast for the past week. It will keep him regular and keep the dr away, too.

Tuesday, Darling Hubby had a root canal for the tooth that he broke last month. He said it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t pleasant either. At least that portion of the process is over. We ended up having to pay $580 out of pocket because the insurance company took their time getting back to the dentist office about the request they submitted regarding what would be covered. So, after DH had the root canal, the dentist office called saying that they insurance would cover the whole root canal so the money we paid out will go toward the core build-up and crown at the next few appts. Hopefully we won’t have to spend anymore out of pocket. Fingers crossed.

Here are just a few pictures I’ve taken recently of Bug. He so enjoys playing Daddy’s Nintendo DS. The only thing is that he can’t play Puzzle Quest. He managed to delete both mine and DH’s characters…we were like level 30! Now we have to start all over again.

And Bug also decided that we still needed to paint our porch (which we’d finished last month.) Here he is with a paint brush and a watering can. He was having a grand ol’ time “painting” the window frames with invisible paint from the watering can.

He was even jumping up trying to reach higher up and saying “I reach, Mommy.” It was too cute to watch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rendition of Wild, Weird, and Wacky Wednesday. Off to feed the kiddos lunch before they waste away to nothing! lol


Wild, Weird & Wacky Wednesday – FRIDAY Edition

So I haven’t had much in the way of my usual computer time recently since the holiday and Darling Hubby being home, but for today, I’m back. I missed out on my usual Weird, Wild and Wacky Wednesday post with pictures so I thought I’d post the good ones I got while visiting family this past weekend.

I only got 4 decent pics…hey, I should go with Corey’s Four for Friday idea.

Anyway, Sunday we went down to Darling Hubby’s sister’s house in Deposit, NY. His brother Chris, wife Mindy and their 2 kids, Mikalla and CJ, were driving in from NM to pick up their new truck (in NC) and then getting their trailer that we helped pack in the middle of June. That was when Max had his Dumb Dog Moment. Apparently, the engine on the truck blew before Mindy left PA, hence the need for a new, more powerful, truck and another trip to NY. Anyway, we just had a little get together as a family and celebrated Darling Hubby’s and his Step-father’s birthday’s.

Bug had a blast playing with his cousins William and Alice. He really enjoyed playing with William’s dump trucks and bucket loaders in the sand box and spent a good amount of time playing there by himself when everyone else was running around going nuts. Here is a picture of Bug filling up the bucket on this ride-on toy with grass he was pulling up from the yard.

He also enjoyed sitting in Uncle Chris’ new truck. He actually said he wanted to go home with Uncle Chris when we told him we were leaving, mainly because he didn’t want to get out of the truck. He even tried to put his seat belt on. At least he was thinking of safety! Guess we’ve got him trained.

And finally, here is my favorite picture that I took that day. Grandma wanted to get a picture of Bug while he was swinging, but he wasn’t being very cooperative (hiding his face, scowling, you know, the typical toddler I don’t want my picture taken routine). Daddy decided it would be funny to make faces at him to try to get him to smile and the little mimic that Bug has become (watch what you say, he’s a parrot, too) decided to make faces right back. Silly boy!

So, there you have a it. A little late, but still as good. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Friday edition of Wild, Weird & Wacky Wednesday!

Wild, Weird, and Wacky Wednesday – Water Edition

It’s so bloody hot here so after a quick lunch of left over “sketti” I filled Bug’s pool with some cold water and we went out to dip our feet in. Ahh! Cool and refreshing. Here are some pictures that I took of Bug having fun.

Playing with the hose
Tiny wet footprint
Oops! Bug fell out of the pool!
Playing with a stick and a “helicopter” from the tree
Silly grin!
And here’s one for Corey

Wild, Weird and Wacky Wednesday

Ok, here are pictures taken of my Wild, Weird and Wacky family on Father’s Day. Overload warning!

Daddy and Bug – Father’s Day
Bug playing ball with Grandpa
Playing with the shrooms
Baby Derrick napping in his stroller
Bug playing with the sprinkler – love the tongue
Taking a break from the sprinkler to eat more strawberries
More playing in the sprinkler – Still with the tongue
Grandpa Pierce – He turns 77 tomorrow
My Dad – talking to my brother Victor
Nothing on the bed except teddy bears and doggies
He just loves rolling around in all the teddy bears and dogs my mom makes.
And my favorite picture from this bunch…
Up a tree at my mom and dads

So there you have it. That was our Father’s Day spent with our wacky family.

Wild, Weird and Wacky Wednesday

OK, so many of my friends have come up with some weekly thing that they do to show off something or tell something about themselves. I’ve decided that I’m going to make a point to start showing off pics of my Wild, Weird, and Wacky boy and I’ll do it on Wednesday. The pictures won’t always be wild, weird or wacky, but I’m sure some of them will be.

Here goes!
The following pics were taken Saturday 6/9/07 at Darling Hubby’s brother’s old house (they recently moved to New Mexico and came back to get some stuff that they didn’t take the first trip out.)
Sliding with Daddy
Watching Curious George with cousin Mikalla (and eating M&M’s before lunch.)

On the trailer with Grandma, watching Mommy and Daddy try to rescue Max from the pond.

Playing t-ball with Grandpa

Darling Hubby riding in the bucket loader.

Bug and Daddy driving the loader while Uncle Charlie was on top of the horse trailer tying on kennel panels.
These were taken around the house the past few days.
My little soda hound.
Petting Cleo nicely.
Say Cheese Cleo!
Tugging on Cleo’s ear (honestly, I’m surprised she sat there long enough for him to pet her the first time.)

Ok, so there ya have it. My first batch of pics of my goofballs (Bug and Darling Hubby) I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my pics and we’ll just see how long this lasts!