Photo Challenge – June 11-15

I feel behind a bit because we went away for Father’s day weekend and this week was busy with the end of school, but I’m catching back up!  Here are the 5 newest pictures for the June Photo Challenge

June 11th – Silhouette – This was taken on Christmas Eve 2006 after coming home from visiting family for the Holiday.  It’s one of my favorites.

June 12th – Sun Flare

June 13th – Childhood Reminder – This was once my tree house that my parents built me when I was around 7 or 8.  It was called Cratewood Manor because it was built from old wooden crates. It hung in a big tree in the woods for many years until I grew up and moved away.  My parents took it down and transported it down near the house so my mom could house chickens in it.  The chickens may be gone now and replaced with tools and random things, but I’ll always remember all the fun times my friends and I had in that old tree house whenever I look at it.

June 14th – Someone You Love – My Dad – he was burning the garbage and didn’t know I was taking pictures.

June 15th – Action – Doing 65mph on the highway.


Photo Challenge – June 6-10

Here are the 5 newest pictures for the June Photo Challenge

June 6th – Books.  Since I couldn’t choose just a few books, I took a picture of my favorite spot in our office.  This is my bookshelf with all my favorite books and knick-knacks.  There are 3 more in the room with more books and knick-knacks, but all of those aren’t mine!  We love books in our family!

June 6 - Books

 June 7th -High Angle – I trapped my cute little model in his playpen and stood on my coffee table for this shot.  I’m sure he was trying to figure out why I’m standing on the furniture like and idjit!  lol

June 7 - High Angle

 June 8th – Sunset – This was a Wednesday night and it was just me and the boys.  We had some terrible thunderstorms roll through our area, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get a sunset shot being alone with the 2 kids and the storms.  This was taken after I got both kids bathed and into bed, after the 2nd storm blew through (the first was complete with hail!)  Our house location doesn’t lend itself well to good sunset pictures, but I quickly snapped this shot as the sun was sinking below our neighbor’s garage.

June 8th - Sunset

June 9th – Fresh Fruit – Fruit doesn’t tend to last long in our house. I haven’t been shopping in nearly a week and there was only 1 kiwi, 2 strawberries and a few apples left in the fridge.

June 9th - Fresh Fruit

June 10th – This is a woodpecker in our ornamental cherry tree in our front yard.  I have fond memories of this bird.  It’s not a real bird, you see. Our former neighbors hung this bird in a big tree in their backyard, one that I could see from my kitchen window.  I spent a good long time attempting to take a good photograph of it before it flew away…when it didn’t move for over an hour…it dawned on me it was fake.  We had a good laugh over it.  Well, our neighbors moved to a new house a few weeks ago and gave me the bird.  We hung it in the cherry tree and now when I see it, I think of them.  They were awesome neighbors, but I have high hopes that the new neighbors will be just as nice. A bonus is that they have a little girl who is only 3 days younger that Fidget!

June 10th - Animal

Photo Challenge – June 4 & 5

Here are the newest two photos in the June Challenge.

June 4th – Clouds – The sky was mostly blue for much of the day until the clouds started rolling in during the afternoon.  I love how they are both puffy and windswept.  Everyone tells me the trees at the bottom are a nice touch.

June 4th - Clouds

 June 5th – Breakfast – Sunday mornings we usually have sausage and eggs, but Darling Hubby wasn’t in the mood for sausage, so I just snagged a blueberry bagel with some cream cheese and some Dark Naturals Cranberry Pomegranate Raspberry juice.

June 5th - Breakfast

Photo Challenge – June 1-3

Since I’m a bit behind, here are the first 3 photos for the challenge.

June 1st – a self portrait, complete with summertime pigtails!

June 1 - Self Portrait

June 2nd – Favorite Shoes – I’m not a shoe person.  I don’t have favorite shoes and I hate to shoe shop.  I just wear them and I hate storing them…these are my oldest son’s and my shoes next to the brick fireplace in the living room where they sit when they are taken off.

Favorite Shoes - June 2nd

June 3rd – Hands – Baby Fidget (who’s not technically a baby anymore since he turned 1 last month) was my model.  Doesn’t he have the most beautiful eyes! Like his brother he’s a thumbsucker and when he’s getting sleepy, you’ll find that little thumb in his mouth and his other hand holding on so it won’t escape. ❤  Just look at those little pudgy and slightly grubby (from eating cinnamon toast for breakfast) paws!

Baby Fidget's Pudgy Baby Hands June 3rd

30 Days of June Photo Challenge

On facebook, several of my friends have taken on the challenge of taking 30 pictures for the month of June…something specific for each day.  Many of these same people are doing the 365 day photo challenge.  I love to take and look at pictures, but that was a bit much, so I’m going small scale and just doing the 30 days.  It’s already the 3rd of June which means I’m a bit behind, but I’m going to play along anyway.  Here is the list of photos as they should be taken.

June 1 – Self Portrait
June 2 – Favorite Shoes
June 3 – Hands
June 4 – Clouds
June 5 – Breakfast Today
June 6 – Books
June 7 – High Angle
June 8 – Sunset
June 9 – Fresh Fruit
June 10 – Animal
June 11 – Silhouette
June 12 – Sun Flare
June 13 – Reminds You of Your Childhood
June 14 – Someone You Love
June 15 – Action
June 16 – Jelly Jar/Mason Jar
June 17 – Bokeh – it’s apparently a type of blur…I had to look it up.
June 18 – Eyes
June 19 – Summertime
June 20 – Water
June 21 – Micro (Up Close)
June 22 – Landscape
June 23 – Black & White
June 24 – Love
June 25 – Citrus
June 26 – Favorite Color
June 27 – Your Weakness
June 28 – Transportation
June 29 – Trees
June 30 – Family

Maybe if you are up for the challenge you can hop on the bandwagon and start taking your own pictures!