Hair We Gone!

I did it.  I had my hair chopped off this morning.  Went to a sweet girl named Tori at the Joli Salon and Spa.  She was great!  I showed her my picture and she looked at my hair and we talked about what I wanted.  We chatted about her son and my kids and her training and work. She did an awesome job and I’m loving my new hair style.  It’s gonna be so much easier to manage, though it will take a little extra time to style, but it makes me look different, which is what I was going for.

Here is a before picture of me with Fidget.  You can see I’ve just got it all twisted up and clipped on the back of my head.  That’s pretty much how I wore my hair…all the time!

Here’s the new do!  I’m really loving it.  Now, hopefully I can recreate the same effect when I wash and style it on my own.


Hair We Go Again

I’ve suddenly got the bug to cut my hair.  I hate when that happens cause I never know what to do with it.  I’ve always liked my hair long and have pretty much had long hair for all but a few years of my life, but after having kids it just seems to be a pain.  Fidget is still pulling it (esp when he gets angry) and 99% of the time I’ve got it pulled back ….I rarely ever dry it.  Again, 99% of the time I just twist it up and clip it or do a quick braid and be done with it.  Part of it is because I’m lazy and just don’t want to put in the effort or I’m rushed for time and the other part is that I usually shower at night when both boys are in bed or during Fidget’s nap time and our bathroom is right across the hall from his room and I don’t want to risk waking him up running the hair dryer.

The downside to having shorter hair would be that I can’t pull it back as easily to get it out of my face for things like cooking and playing with the kids.  I hate having my hair in my face.  I’d love to go super short, like pixie, but with my facial shape (heart shape) I could never pull it off.  The shortest I can really go is chin length.  The last time I had my hair cut (professionally) was about a month before Fidget was born…so nearly 2 years ago, and despite me telling the girl exactly what I wanted, she didn’t follow my instructions and I wasn’t happy.  I’ve had Darling Hubby trim it a time or two, but he didn’t take off very much.  But, having shorter hair would make it so much easier for me to color every month.  With it being so long I tend to make a mess and it’s just really difficult to manage.  Plus, I wouldn’t clog the drains as badly and it would make showering easier and I’d use less shampoo and conditioner.

I want something that is both cute and easy to take care of (meaning it doesn’t take me more than a few minutes to style and doesn’t use a ton of product, cause I hate putting a ton of stuff in my hair. )  I like going in with an idea of what I want, though last time at Fantastic Sam’s I didn’t get what I wanted despite telling her exactly.  Maybe I should have brought a picture.

Sometimes I wish I could just cut my own hair.  I cut Darling Hubby’s hair as well as both boys.  It really saves money since they need hair cuts every couple months.  With me keeping my hair long or letting it grow out after I’ve had it cut I only need to have it cut professionally once every couple years and just have Darling Hubby trim it to get rid of any split ends and straighten it up a bit.  I just haven’t found a salon that I’m totally happy with that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have it trimmed and reshaped every couple months.

Guess I’ve got a decision to make…