Slightly Productive

I managed to get a pretty good chunk done on the cream colored scarf and I got a little more on the red hat done today.  I had to wait until Darling Hubby picked up my yarn for me before I could finish the hat.  Thankfully he’s so good to me.  He had to drive to 2 places to find the colors I needed.  Thankfully it was too far out of his way.  I’ll probably finish working up the hat tonight while watching Smallville and Supernatural with Darling Hubby.  I mostly watch Supernatural…Love me some Sam and Dean!

Aside from that, things have been pretty good.  Bug actually went poop on the potty all by himself yesterday.  He said he had to go pee and I know he doesn’t really need my help, unless he’s wearing pants with buttons, which he wasn’t.  I told him to go and continued what I was doing.  Several minutes later (I know…bad mommy…I was enjoying the silence) I realized he still had’t come out of the bathroom (he’d closed the door).  Upon going in to check, he was sitting on his little potty seat ring on the toilet and he’d finished pooping.  I was very proud of him and know that he can now do it all by himself if he has too.  The toilet paper thing is another issue we’ll work on some other time.

Off to put Bug to bed…


Six Years

That’s how long Darling Hubby and I have been married…as of yesterday.  It’s kinda hard to believe it’s been 6 years since we got married 156 feet below the surface of the earth at Howe Caverns.  It was such a special day surrounded by our family and close friends.

On this, our 6th anniversary, we shared it alone, just the two of us.  We dropped Bug off with some friends so he could spend the afternoon playing with ADN, their 2 year old son.  Thankfully, he’s such a good kid that he didn’t make a fuss when we left him.  He was having too much fun playing with the geotracks train set.

Darling Hubby and I went to see The Dark Knight together in the new theater in the newly renovated mall near our house.  The theaters are great (stadium seating with reclining seats) and the movie was great, too.  Heath Ledger did an amazing job with the Joker roll.  At first I was a bit resistant to see the movie in the theater.  Darling Hubby went shortly after it was released and with his review and the raving reviews I’d heard from others I was feeling a little out of the loop.  I figured it was going to be a very dark (not dark as in night dark, but dark in mood and tone).  I was wrong.  Yes, there were some dark and scary moments, but there were some “funny” (read slightly comical psycho) moments as well as amazing make-up jobs and cool gadgets.  Course, Christian Bale isn’t bad to look at, either.

After the movie, we had a bit of time to kill so we wandered through the book store (picking up a book for ADN and one for Bug) before heading over to PF Chang’s for dinner reservations at 6:30.  If you’ve never been to PF Chang’s you should really try it.  In my opinion, it’s kinda pricy (we spent a bit over $50 with tip), but the food is so very worth it.  In February, I babysat for some friends of mine over night while they went out of town and in return they gave us a gift card for PF Chang’s which had recently opened in the mall.  Otherwise I don’t think we would have made reservations to try it, even for our anniversary.  Darling Hubby had the Dali Chicken (served with Youkon Gold potatoes (which is very spicy!) and I had Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken with broccoli.  My chicken was very lightly breaded, perfectly cooked and oh so juicy.  The broccoli was cooked perfectly and was still crispy.  The sauce was so smooth and lemony with little wedges of lemon throughout.  Yum!  We also had brown rice and we each had a cup of egg drop soup, which was delicious, if not a little too hot temperature wise.  For dessert, we’d wanted to try the Wall of Chocolate cake, but unfortuanately they were out so we settled for the no flour Chocolate Dome cake served with raspberry sauce, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.  Let me say that I was a little disappointed in the size of the portion that came.  It was a very small little dome of chocolate cake, but between Darling Hubby and I we finished it off and decided that had it been any bigger we would not have been able to eat it all and feel good afterwards.  Oh, and the taste…it was delicious!  It was so fudgy and smooth, kinda like eating a ball of fudge frosting.  Mmm!  I’m salivating just thinking about it again!  I need to find a recipe for it to make at home!

After dinner we drove back to pick up Bug and were pleased to find that he was a very good boy.  He even went potty for them.  He did ask once where we had disappeared to and when told we’d gone to a movie he asked if they were sure…which is a typical question from him.  He didn’t really miss us, which makes us both happy and a little sad.  It means he’s growing up and doesn’t always need us around anymore.

Overall, it was a fantasatic anniversary.  I loved having some time with just me and Darling Hubby.  It was nice to not worry about where Bug was headed and what he was touching.  It was very relaxing and gave my spirit a lift (and beleive me, I needed it).  There were a couple times, in the car, I turned to check on Bug or thought to point out the motorcycle on the street or airplane in the sky only to realize he wasn’t with us.

Here’s to many more happy years for us!  Love you honey!

More Things To Make Me Laugh

I’ve been in the downy dumps for a few days, now.  It’s hard to feel happy when your stomach hurts and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and be left alone.  I hate feeling blah, it makes me cranky.  I end up with a very short fuse and it makes everyone around me suffer (as well as me).  I thought I’d post a few things that Bug has done or said recently that have made me smile.

“Please! Oh please oh please!” – He’s such a polite little boy and asks with such conviction that it’s hard to say no sometimes…even when he’s asking for something he shouldn’t have or do at that very moment.  I just can’t for the life of me figure out where he picked this up from.

“You mean it?” – When we tell him we will be doing something or he can have something he didn’t ask for he’ll often ask if we mean it.  Yes, we mean it.

He loves music.  He enjoys playing Guitar Hero on Tour on our Nintendo DS (and he’s REALLY good at it) and it’s so cute to hear him singing songs ranging from Stray Cat Strut and We’re Not Gonna Take It to I’m a Mess and I’m Gonna Catch You by Laurie Berkner.  Pretty much everything becomes a guitar, from the broom, the swiffer, baby fingernail clippers, my paddle hairbrush, and even bottles of bubble bath.

He’s pretty well potty trained…and very proud of the fact he’s wearing big boy underpants during the day.  In fact, he’s so proud of those underpants that he even whipped down his shorts in the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend to show them to a sales associate who commented on his Winne the Pooh shirt…Talk about a bit of parental embarrassment…we’ve since had the discussion that you don’t do that in public…

Oh, and speaking of potty training…Bug counts poop…Kinda disturbing, I know, but whatever encourages the kid to go on the potty rather than his pants I’m all for.  We were in the car waiting for some friends of ours to get home and Daddy asked Bug if he’d pooped on the potty that day.  Bug tells him yes and when Daddy bravely asks how many poops he had, Bug proudly proclaims,  “I had one BIG poop, Daddy.”  Something a father should be proud of!  lol

He enjoys watching DVR’ed episodes of the new Spider-man cartoon on the CW for Kids (formerly Kids WB) and there is always a commercial for those Capri Sun juice pouches. It’s the one where the kid blows up the pouch and then stomps on it, thus resulting in his clothes blowing off (the old version of this ad, which was funnier, had the kid exploding and then just his clothes falling to the ground) and then the catch phrase “Respect the pouch! Respect it” is yelled. Bug now loves pretending he blows up the pouch and stomps on it and then yells “Respect the pouch! Respect it!” It’s actually funny to hear him say it.

A few weeks ago we were in the living room and he notices an ant crawling across the floor. Since, at the time, we  were smack in the middle of the season that the little buggers were always coming in and looking for something to eat, we’d taken to just squishing them rather than saving them. Our rule is, it they are outside they can live. Not if they are inside. So, Bug tells me there is an ant and he follows it around for a bit. I tell him to squish it and even give him my slipper since he’s only wearing socks. Now that he’s armed I hear him say, “Alright ant, show me what you’ve got.” I got a good laugh over that one.

ETA – I just thought of this one and didn’t want to forget it – The other day our neighbors were working on their car and revving the engine.  Bug was in the office playing with the DS and I hear him come out yelling, : What is all this RACKET!!!”  lol

That’s all for now.  I’m feeling a wee bit better.  Maybe when Bug is finished watching Lilo and Stitch (his all time favorite movie) and goes to bed and I finish watching Two Mules for Sister Sara, which I’ve been trying to watch all afternoon, I’ll take a quick bath before the Ghost Hunters Season Premiere at 9.  That seems to lift my spirit, sometimes.

A Couple Weeks Worth

I’ve been in a blogging funk lately.  I have a ton to say, but just haven’t been able to sit down and write it all out.  Let me see…where to begin…

I think we are potty trained…officially.   A couple weeks ago Bug earned his jack hammer for pooping on the potty 10 times.  The last 2 times were of his own asking to go.  Since then, we’ve had no poopy accidents and he’s been asking to go and actually going once he’s on the potty.  I think he really had a break through.  He’s been really good about going pee on the potty for a while now and will often run to the bathroom on his own or ask to go when we are out and about.  As for overnight, he’s actually been staying dry from around 8pm-7:30am.  He did have one accident this morning, but I think that was because he’d had a bad dream early this morning so that may have been the cause.  I think once this week is over without any daytime accidents, I’ll move him over to big boy underpants during the day.  Needless to say, Daddy and I are very proud of him.

The last few weeks have been filled with lots of ups and downs.  Sometimes I feel like I’m riding a roller coaster.  A good online friend on mine was diagnosed with breast cancer recently.  Suzy is a wonderful mom to 2 darling little boys, one Bug’s age and one just over a year.  She is a very strong woman and I know that she can beat this.  She has a ton of people pulling for her and sending her tons and tons of positive thoughts and prayers.  With the amount of positive energy heading over the ocean to Ireland, there is no way this cancer stands a chance.  I’m continuing to send lots of good thoughts her way for some good news and good results.

On a good note, my nephew, who was in an ATV accident during the weekend of my 10 year high school reunion  (which I started blogging about, but never posted) has been transferred to a hospital closer to home and seems to be doing much better.  Before he was transferred, he had surgery on his leg to repair the artery in his knee which was severed in the accident.  He also has a broken clavicle.  He’s doing a lot of PT and OT and has really been impressing the doctors with how well he’s been doing.  He can get up and move around and can walk with a walker.  He has also started regaining feeling in his leg, which is a great thing.  The only down side to that is that he has more pain…Gotta take the good with the bad.  I’m going to call him again tonight to check on him and see what the doctors decided about his length of stay.  I’ve been calling to check on him almost every day and I think he really appreciates it.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he regains feeling in his leg and that he’ll be back up and around in no time.

As for my 10 year reunion, it went well.  I saw several people who I had not seen in person for most of that 10 year span.  I realized that not much has changed.  It’s hard to beleive that most of my classmates are married with kids.  I also realized that my class has the ability to put away the alcohol.  The entire time we were together, there was beer and shots in abundance.  That’s just never been my cup of tea so I avoided it.  Guess I’m still that “good girl” I was 10 years ago.  There were people that I wanted to see that either I missed by not going to dinner (mainly so I could spend time with Bug and take him on rides down at the Lumberjack Festival like I promised) or because they didn’t show.  Maybe for the 15 year…

On Friday, Darling Hubby and I went to see The Police in concert at SPAC.  Elvis Costello and the Imposters performed as the opening act.  It was an amazing concert and they sang many of my favorite songs.  I also, in my 28 years, had my first encounter with someone smoking pot….and let me tell you…I don’t understand how people can willingly smoke that stuff.  I noticed that the smoke cloud it generates is unlike regular smoke.  It doesn’t dispurse, but hovers in a thick mass.  And the smell alone is just…ugh!  The only way I can describe the smell of pot to someone is pretend you are holding a skunk…now light it’s rear on fire…yep, I think pot smells like burning skunk butt…I can only imagine what sort of traffic that statement will generate…Toward the end of the concert I saw the source of the stench and the guy was the sterotypcial stoner.  I leaned over to Darling Hubby and asked him if he thought it would be bad if I walked over to the guy, punched him in the face and shoved the joint into his eye (buring end, of course).  He didn’t think it was a good idea…Oh, and the drunk couple behind us who drank 2 full bottles of wine in less than 2 hours…yeah, the guy had a serious lisp develop and the girls tube dress was significantly lower than it was when they arrived…Anyway, It was a great concert aside from the pot heads and the drunks…and it being Saratoga…

Aside from that, I’ve been working of craft projects in my spare time as well as trying to read and write some.  I’ve been working on a crochet sweater for Darling Hubby as well as a new purse/bag for me in addition to other projects.  Last night my friend Rose helped me go through what I’ve written for the Mystery Romance novel I’ve been working on for some time now.  She really gave me some good ideas as to where to go next as well as pointed out some of my continuity errors.  I’m hoping to eventually get it published and printed.  Maybe it can be a New York Times Best Seller!  lol  Here’s hoping!

Poop on My Fridge!

No, it’s not what you think!

I’ve found a potty training method that seems to be working for us and I’m super excited, as is Bug.

This is on my refrigerator.

Poop chart

It’s a poop chart.  I’ve made an agreement with Bug that if he goes poop on the potty 10 times (earning10 stickers of his choice) he gets this:


He found it at the store and was super excited about it.  For some reason he’s been really into jackhammers so it was appropriate.   It was also a bonus that instead of paying the sticker price of $12.99…we got it for $2.40.  We think it was a glitch in the Kmart computer system, but we weren’t about to say anything…

This is something similar to what my friend Corey did with her daughter Sugar, who received a Hermit Crab for her pooping efforts.

Bug will be 3 and a half at the end of July and he’s finally at the point where he is becoming aware that he can be a big boy by going on the potty so I took advantage of it and we started the chart.  We did something similar in April with peeing with a smaller reward and he’s come a long way with that.  He’s pretty self sufficient in that department.  As long as he’s wearing the right pants (i.e something he can pull down on his own) he can do the whole process without help.  He’s so proud of himself, too, as am I.

We are only on day 2 and as you can see from our chart, he’s already earned 2 stickers.  It’s so great to ask him if he has to go poop and instead of getting a fight (him yelling “NO POOP!” and pitching a major tantrum, when all I did was ask) he will think about it and then tell me that he will try or just tell me that he doesn’t have to go.  He tried 2 times today and was sucessful on that second try. I’ve also been asking him what he will get when he earns all his stickers and he gleefully yells “JACKHAMMER!”  By Jove, I think we are on to something!  I’m hoping that by next week he will have earned his jackhammer and we will be well on our way to a fully potty trained little boy.  I’m sure we’ll have our share of accidents along the way, but I think he’s well on the way to fully grasping the pooping concept.  Keep up the good work, Bug!

The Things He Says and Does

Sometimes Bug really makes me laugh/smile at some of the things he says/does.  These are a few things that have happened over the last couple weeks that make me smile and giggle.

On any given day, I can be greeted numerous times by Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, War Machine, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern (and a few other’s I’m sure I’m forgetting) in a matter of minutes.  I’m never truly sure who my son is second to second.  Sometimes he will ask, “Who are you, who are you, who are you?”  I generally tell him, “I don’t know.  Who am I?”  Sometimes I am a bad guy (Venom, Rhino) but on the days where I’m actually Mommy he tells me that in a voice that seems to say, “You’re Mommy, silly!”

As we were getting ready to go for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday, I ran upstairs to my room to grab my watch and I hear his wee little voice from the bottom of the stairs, “Well, I’m waiting!”

As I’m hanging up and folding laundry today, I hear Bug dump out his tub of matchbox cars and then see him come into my room wearing the bucket on his head to tell me he’s War Machine (from the Iron Man cartoon).  It starts to get dark outside thunder a bit.  When I mentioned it was going to rain, he tossed the bucket and said, “I need a brella” and pretends to hold up an imaginary umbrella.

He pooped on the potty one day last week and we called Grandma to tell her.  After telling her about going potty he goes, “and Mommy was sooooo happy.”  Yeah, I made a big deal out of it…he was like…whatever.  lol

He chases our cat Cleo around and around.  I told him to stop chasing her today and he then ran to the cabinet where we keep the treats and had to give her treats as a way to say he was sorry for chasing her.  It was sweet.

After we finish reading his bedtime story (generally a Curious George book) he goes, “I need see something, I need see something” until we give him the book so he can point out all the books we have (and don’t have) in our collection.  He enjoys it when we say yes or no to each book he’s pointing at in a silly voice.

If I get a boo boo he insists on putting imaginary “cweam” and an imaginary “bandid” on “mommy’s tiny boo boo.”  He’s sweet.

He loves to “cook” and feed me lots of different foods.  During the day I eat enough imaginary ice cream, chicken nuggets, soda, fries, pizza and other foods to weigh 3 times what I actually weigh.  Thankfully, if I do weigh a ton, it’s all invisible.  lol  Usually he helps me gobble down the invisble food and goes, “That was delishous!”  He doesn’t get to eat these foods on a regular basis so I think that’s why he’s always pretending to eat them.

Sometimes when he’s running through the house and falls and I don’t ask him if he’s ok, I’ll hear him go, “Bug, are you all right?  I know. I’m fine!” and get up and go about what he was doing.  Usually if I ask him if he’s ok he will hold up his hands and wave them around showing me he still has all his fingers while saying, “I know.  I’m fine!”

He’s recently started drawing pictures that resemble actual things.  The other day he drew a picture of Batman.  It was a stick figure, but it had arms and a head.  He drew another one while I was watching and it was complete with tiny bat ears on the head.   It’s a start.

Sometimes when Daddy comes home, he’s greeted with a “Hi Daddy.  Oh, what are you doing here?”  – It’s not like he lives here or anything.  lol

If he finds something really hilarious or fun he goes, “That was so much funny!” or “That was so much silly!”

He gets so super excited when we go over to our friend Bernie and Rose’s house.  He usually yells, “Bernie Roses!  Yeah!”

I love to hear him tell his blankie or his stuffed dog Tito (that my mom crocheted him), “Hold on tight.  I gotcha, I gotcha” when he’s carrying them downstairs.

I love it when he sneezes and they yells, “I got THE SNEEZE!”  It’s almost like it’s a disease.  He also has to announce when he’s scratching an itch.  “I’m scratchin’!”  He also has to announce farts…”STINKY TOOTS!”  So cute!

And it makes my heart melt when I leave his room at bedtime and he tells me “Sweet dreams, Mommy.  Love you.”

These are just some of the cuteness that happens in my house that make me smile and make me glad I’m someone’s Mommy.  🙂  I never want to forget these little things.


I’m feeling so accomplished lately. Despite the fact that Darling Hubby assumed I would constantly be sitting on my tush playing on my laptop all the time I’ve been really productive the past few days. Part of that is because I’ve been getting up early than normal and getting a move on.

Monday morning Bug woke me up at 7:30 telling me he had to pee. Alrighty then. I’m up! Nothing better to get your lazy butt out of bed than a potty training 3 year old. Monday was my most productive day. I got 2 loads of laundry washed, hung out on the line, and later taken down, folded and put away. I opened all the windows and aired out the house because the temperature was so warm. I washed all the dishes that I let pile up on my counter over the weekend. I had to do it in 2 loads because my dish drainer got too full to keep piling up on top of. I vacuumed the rugs downstairs and swept all the downstairs and the upstairs hallway and the stairs. I washed and dried the dogs bedding (it was getting stinky) and emptied the litter pans. I picked up after Bug all day in addition to making pizza for dinner, dealing with the toilet that still won’t flush right, a potty training toddler and talking to Rachelle on the phone about her 4 missing dogs…one of which has recently come home… and her home inspection. Later I got roped into volunteered to watch one of our friends 2 kids (3.5 and 2.5) because his wife didn’t get the night off like she was supposed to and it would have meant he would have missed out on the WWE Wrestling they were all going to see. It was a very late night for all the kids. After watching some Wiggles and Finding Nemo, we read some stories and I got Bug to bed at 11. The youngest one fell asleep on the couch at 11:15 and the oldest was to excited to sleep so she sat up and we waited for her daddy to come back. Phwhew! That was a long day…The only thing I didn’t get to do was dye my hair like I planned….oh well….some other night I guess…

Tuesday morning I got up before 8…and before Bug since he went to bed so late…(he didn’t wake up until almost 9) and spent a little time playing on my laptop and watching an episode of All My Children that’s been waiting in my dvr…I still have like 3 to go to get caught back up. Later, I spent most of the day outside with Bug (who was very cranky by mid afternoon. In hindsight…he should have had a nap.) I got the whole backyard raked and cleaned up (yeah! No more doggy debris) and swept off the patio and put out Bug’s slide and the table and chairs. Bug had a grand time playing with his fire car and bike…although he’s still a little short for the bike…He’ll get it in a few months. I also called to find out what was going on with our mortgage refinance since it’s been over week since we signed the paperwork and I haven’t heard a thing since.  I also finished the back panel of the fisherman knit sweater I’m crocheting as a Christmas gift.  When Darling Hubby got home he bagged all the stuff I’d raked up and put down wood chips on the flower beds. We still have to deal with the front yard, but I’m not looking forward to that because of the stupid ground bees that are out there.

Today I was awakened at 7:45 to a phone call from the lawyers office setting up our closing for the refiance.  Woot!  That’s set for April 15th at 9am…Since then, I’ve gotten laundry washed and hung…I’ll fold it and put it away tonight. Bug woke up at 8:15 and after breakfast, helped me prepare the ingredients for a buttermilk rye bread to put in the bread machine. He had a lot of fun dumping in the stuff and eating the brown sugar….lol Other than that, I think I’ll take it easy today. It’s a little chilly and windy outside right now, but I think it’s supposed to get warmer this afternoon. Maybe after Bug’s nap we’ll go outside and play before daddy gets home and I make dinner.

Wow…just reading all that made me tired…off for some lunch and then to get Bug down for a nap…