Happy First Day of Spring

Spring is finally here, though you wouldn’t really know it by looking outside.  It’s very dark and dreary with a fine rain falling on the layer of sleet that fell yesterday.  Hopefully, the weather will start improving, the buds will start popping up and Mother Nature will show her true beauty in all the flowers and green leaves.  I’m looking forward to the snow going away!

I’m also hoping that I won’t need all the winter woolies anymore.  Though, that will make me kinda sad as I just finished a pair of fingered gloves for myself.  I’m loving the colors (black, red, green with a hint of white and blue) and they match my winter coat and hat perfectly (well, the black and bright green do anyway), but I’m kinda sad that while I made them to fit me perfectly, they have stretched a bit with wearing them a few times and now feel like they are floating on my hands.  They are still warm, though and I’ll either keep them or give them to Darling Hubby if he’d like them.  I was considering making them with a mitten flap to go over the fingers, but I don’t think I have enough yardage leftover to do both flaps…Oh well.

I haven’t been spinning since the Ravellenics ended in February (geeze, that was a month ago almost!).  I went to Open Spinning at the LYS last night and finished up the 2nd skein of my X’s and O’s worsted weight Navajo plied yarn.  It felt good to finish something.  I finally washed the first skein of X’s and O’s and the skein of Ten and Tardis singles that I spun.  Now I’ve got 3 skeins of yarn drying.  I’m hoping the weather improves so I can get out on the porch to photograph.  The dark and dreary light of today isn’t great for photography…and my attempt at making my own light box was a failure.  😦  Sometimes I’m crafty, but this wasn’t one of those times!

Oh, and I have added one new project to my WIP list.  Little Fidget will be turning 4 in May and along with that he has the opportunity to go to pre-k.  I’ve already put his application in for the district pre-k lottery which will be drawn on 4-11-14.  We should hear if he got into our chosen school by the following week.  We’re really hoping that he gets into the same school his brother currently attends.  It would make life so much easier!  lol  Anyway, since school starts in 6 months I figured that would give me plenty of time to work on a “nap blanket” like I made for Bug when he went to Pre-k.  Fidget decided that he wanted something simpler than the Wheels on the Bus blanket I’d made for Bug.  In a way I’m grateful that he chose something simpler.  While the Wheels on the Bus was a cute blanket it was a lot of work and after a school year of weekly washing it didn’t hold up as well as I’d have liked. Plus, sewing all those 2 inch squares together was a right royal pain!  lol

Fidget chose a red blanket at first, then chose a red and black blanket.  I fell in love with the Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting so we scoured Ravelry together to find red and black blankets to give us ideas for 2 more colors.  We settled on black, red, white and dark grey.  So far I’m on block 6 and only messed up once, putting block 4 in the wrong place, but it will work out in the end I think with a bit of fudging.

Sadly, I don’t have any new photos.  Hopefully I’ll get something this week to share.  It’s weird, but I don’t like talking about my craft projects without photos to share!  Better get back to knitting.  Happy Spring, Everyone!


Spring is here!

Spring is finally here in NY. Yes, it’s probably been here for a while, but I can now see the leaves fully formed on the trees and the grasses are starting to sprout from the seeds scattered in the bare patches in our backyard. The flowers are blooming and making things smell wonderful and the bees are out buzzin’ around doin’ there thing. This is a picture I took just a little while ago of one of natures best inventions. Considering they freak me out a little, I’m glad these little buggers are around.

On another note, the temperature is currently 82° and it’s nearly 7pm…Today is the 9th of May. It shouldn’t be this hot yet…but really, who am I to complain. I prefer warm weather to near 0° temperatures and snow and ice. Don’t worry, I’m not one to get up on a soapbox and go on and on about how humans are the cause of global warming which will cause us to have another ice age…I just accept that weather is weather and I open the windows and let the breeze blow through the house.

Call me old fashioned, but I love that I can now hang laundry out on the line to dry. I love that fresh clean scent of laundry that’s been dried by the sunshine and the blowing breeze. My mom used to get up early everyday and do the wash and hang it outside before the fog burned off from the mountainside. So what if the towels get a little stiff! Nature dried them. I enjoy the quiet time outside, just me, my basket of wet clothes, and my bag of clothespins. Even though we live in the city, I still love to have that little bit of country goodness that my mom instilled in me around bringing back good memories.