Away For Too Long

Wow, it’s amazing what having a baby does to your free time!  Pretty much everything I enjoy got pushed to the back burner, household chores were set to simmer and baby tending became practically the only thing I did.  It still seems like all I do is housework and caring for the kids, but hey, that’s my job, right!  lol  I’ve been meaning to update this blog with Fidget’s birth story, but it’s really kinda hard to do blog work when you’ve only got one free hand and let’s face it…Fidget wants to eat all the time, so when I’m not being held down on the couch under 12lbs of baby, I’m attempting to motivate myself to clean.  at least the laundry is getting done again, the kitchen is staying pretty clean and everyone is fed.  So there are some dust bunnies that might be planning a coup hanging around in the corners, but everyone is fed and clean and that’s what matters, right?

I have managed to get some crafty things done.  I’ve still been getting my Monday nights off so I can go to Craft Night.  I’ve set aside the crochet hooks for now and have been knitting.  I’ve got 2 things going on the circulars, but one I set aside because I changed my mind about its destination.  I’m still going to finish it and maybe when things settle down after Bug starts school again (he’ll be a Kindergartner this year!) I’ll start up my Etsy shop.  I’ve got the name all secured and a few things already crafted…I just need to find the time to properly list things…and have access to the car so I can go to the post office.

Anyway, I probably shouldn’t talk too much about the 2 things I’m working on because the one is a present for my close friend, (Auntie) Shannon, who is having a baby in October.   Let’s just say: baby blankets.

On the kid front, Fidget is doing well.  He’s nearly 3 months old and is already holding his head up well, loves his tummy time, is reaching for toys, “talks” and smiles a lot (when he’s not cranky) and is sleeping through the night (from 8 or 9pm to 5 or 6am).  He’s also a total mama’s boy!  He loves me and kinda cries when Daddy holds him…He doesn’t nap real well during the day, just catnaps while he’s taking a bottle.  Occasionally I can get him in his crib for almost an our; sometimes less, sometimes more…I guess I can’t complain too much, I do get the whole night.

Bug is doing well, too.  We haven’t done too much this summer.  It’s kinda hard with a baby in tow…one who always wants to eat.  It never fails that as soon as we get somewhere I have to break out a bottle and find a seat…I’d love to take him out and let him ride his bike out front, but after the pitbull attack on the young woman from down the street, I’ve been quite a bit hesitant about walking in that area (it’s 2 houses down and the homeowner denies that the dog was his (he claims he was dog sitting) despite the fact that it’s been there for many months and already attacked 2 other dogs (with no report filed).)  He whisked the dog away while the EMT’s were working on the girl and gave the Animal Control officer a wrong number for the supposed owner…seems a little skeevy if you ask me!

Anyway, we have made some time just for Bug, which has been nice.  Darling Hubby took a Friday off and we him to a little amusement park.  It was nice because he didn’t have to wait for anyone else (we usually go with a group) and he could pick and choose what rides he wanted to go on.  I even took him on the little roller coaster and Darling Hubby said his smiling face was the best.  Last Friday I met up with Little A’s mom at one of the local parks and we let the boys play.  After lunch I took Bug and Fidget up to their house to go swimming.  Bug really liked that.  Even with the wind blowing I was hardpressed to get him out of the pool.  I was freezing!  lol  Fidget loved the visit, too, cause he got to see The Kissing Bandit, Little A’s nearly 6 month old baby sister.   We put them on the floor together and she rolled right over to him and gave him a kiss!  I wish I had my camera!  lol

I do have pictures of the boys and our recent outings, but they are still on the camera and, well, it’s really hard to edit pictures with one hand!  I’ll get to it, eventually!  I really should get off the computer and go clean the kitchen before Darling Hubby gets home and wants his dinner!  lol  I think at some point I’ll make some time to finish writing up Fidget’s birth story to post.  I’ve got it started, with pictures and everything…I just need to find time…Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day!