Baby Fidget’s Birth Story

I’ve been so busy over the last 3 months with the newest addition to our family that I haven’t had time to sit down and write out Baby Fidget’s birth story.  I’ve actually been attempting to write this post for weeks and never had any luck.  lol  It’s super long and filled with pictures.  You’ve been warned!  lol


So, the day of my scheduled c-section (Monday, May 17th) we got up as we always do, got Bug ready for school and I saw him off for the last time for the next 2 weeks.  After dropping him off we came home and I had to shower with this antiseptic soap the hospital gave me.  It’s the worst soap ever!  It smells like that alcohol hand sanitizer…my whole body was coated!  Ick!  We arrived at the hospital at 10:30 on the dot and prepared to check in.  I was escorted to a room, given one of the lovely gowns that leave your butt hangin’ out and left to our own devices in the room…let me tell ya, boredom quickly ensued.  I was getting super silly…partly from being nervous about the upcoming surgery and partly because I was excited to finally be meeting the little being that’s been kicking me from the inside.

Last belly pic - 39w 5d
Last belly pic – 39w 5d

It was nearly 45 minutes before I saw the admitting woman who double checked my information from Friday’s meeting and got me officially admitted. Shortly after the nurse came in and got me set up with my IV. After a bad experience with the insertion of the IV during with Bug’s delivery I was pretty nervous about being stuck. I was stabbed 5 times before the nurse got the IV inserted in a spot that didn’t cause me massive pain. This time the nurse checked all my veins before deciding on a spot and she got it in first try and with little pain. That made me happy. 🙂

Gowned and IV'd
Gowned and IV’d

After the successful IV insertion, they hung bags of fluid to give me prior to the surgery. It was practically 11:30 by this point and I was scheduled to go into the OR at 12:30. They opened the IV up all the way to get as much of the fluid in as they could before going down to the room. I met with Deb, the anesthesiologist, who was super awesome and supportive. I told her about my bad experience with the epidural and about how grumpy the anesthesiologist was and it was confirmed by both the nurse, Kris, and Deb that it was probably someone named Paul, who apparently had a reputation for being grumpy and my experience sounded like something he would do…I kindly asked Deb if she would walked me through each step as she was putting in my spinal so I would have no surprises and she gladly obliged. 🙂

As my time to go into the OR drew nearer it became apparent that I would not be going in on time. The section that was scheduled for 8am got out of the gate at least 30 minutes late, which bumped the 9am section back. Toss in a couple emergency c-sections followed by an 11am section that was also late…I didn’t actually get into the OR until around 2:30. While I waited, I had the pleasure of listening to my nurse, Kris, and Deb the anesthesiologist argue about how much IV fluids I should have. Whenever Deb would open up my IV full bore and raise it up to get it all in, Kris would come back in and lower it and turn it down so as to not give me pulmonary edema. They seriously went back and forth for nearly an hour turning it up and down…It was both amusing and disconcerting.

Eventually, the OR was finally clear and clean. The nurses gave Darling Hubby his bunny suit and me my shower cap to put on. It was getting close!

Dr. Darling Hubby

Dr. Darling Hubby

Getting close to going to the OR!

Getting close to going to the OR!

So 2:30 rolled around and I geared up to walk down to the OR. Kris gave me some socks with grippies on the bottom so I didn’t slip and fall on my walk down the hall, and to keep my feet warm in the cold OR. Darling Hubby took my camera and waited in the hallway until they were ready. The OR was freezing and my little flimsy gown wasn’t cutting it. I was shivering uncontrollably and it wasn’t cause I was scared. I was actually feeling really good about the whole thing, despite the setbacks thus far.

To ward off the chill toasty warm blankets magically appeared and were wrapped around me. Someone slipped a blood pressure cuff on my arm and the only moment of sheer panic I experienced the before the surgery started was when that cuff started tightening and tightening and tightening and seemed like it would never stop. My hand started to go purple and I could feel it start tingling like it was falling asleep. Someone had me put my arm down and relax and it slowly started to release. I was thankful that never happened again…

The back of my gown was untied so Deb could get at my back to insert my spinal and, like she said she would, she walked me through the whole thing, warning me when she would be touching me and when she would stick me. It was a much better experience than last time. The medication took effect pretty quickly so Deb had me quickly lay down on the table and soon my legs were feeling warm and then numb. I started feeling people touching me, but felt no pain. The blue curtain was put up in front of me and someone brought Darling Hubby in to sit by my side while they started the surgery.

On the table
On the table

I’m not sure how long the surgery itself took. Before I knew it, the doctor told Darling Hubby that he could stand up and watch the baby be born. I’m actually surprised that he did. I felt a ton of pressure on my stomach and a slight pain in my chest (which Deb confirmed was normal) and I heard the baby start crying. Someone commented that he was peeing. The doctor cut the cord and it was a good thing she was wearing a full face mask because when the cord was severed, she was splattered with blood…it was even on the ceiling. lol

The baby was put in the warmer to pink up and get quickly checked out while the doctor went back to working on finishing up.

Baby Fidget just born and in the warmer
Baby Fidget just born and in the warmer.
Fidget on the scale
Baby Fidget on the scale

They put Fidget on the scale and he weighted in at 8lbs 5oz.  He was 20 inches long and came into the world (peeing) at 2:52pm…only 2 hours later than he was supposed to be!  lol  He was tiny compared to Bug!

We had one more moment of concern when the doctor began asking for something called Methylene Blue.  It seemed it wasn’t something that they stocked in the room so someone had to go find it and the doctor wanted it faster than it was brought.  Turns out that while she was in there, she thought she spotted a hole in my bladder and rather than just sew me up and let it go, she pumped my bladder full of this blue dye to check for leaks.  Thankfully, there were none.  It was just a little nerve wracking to hear your doctor asking for something “stat” when she’s got you wide open on the table.

I was brought into recovery after everything was done. I think they kept me there longer than they normally would because I was having trouble with my blood pressure being too low.  Every time they’d raise the head of the bed, I’d get dizzy…it was no fun.  Darling Hubby got to spend a lot of time just holding Fidget, who was wide eyed and content just sucking on his fist.  It was so sweet.

Spending time with mommy in recovery
Spending time with mommy in recovery

I was eventually OK enough to sit up and they brought me down the hall to my semi private (read: crowded) room.  Since I was the first one in, I got the bed by the window and had the room to myself overnight, which was nice.  Darling Hubby had to leave around 6 to go pick up Bug, who was spending time with his friend Little A.  Since it was kinda late and Bug had school the next day, we decided to postpone the meeting of the brothers until after school the next day.

I had a pretty quiet night.  The nurses brought Fidget in a couple times for a feeding and to get me up to walk around and use the bathroom.  It was around midnight when I got up for the first time and it was bad.  The pain wasn’t too terrible, it hurt, but was bearable.  It was more the dizzy feeling and blackouts I started experiencing that bothered me.  Honestly, it was pretty scary.   Turns out, my blood sugar was rock bottom because I hadn’t had any solid food (only ice chips and the IV meds)  in over 24 hours.  I don’t think it would have been near as bad had my surgery not been delayed 2 hours.  The nurses got me some cranberry juice and I almost instantly started to feel better.  Thankfully, I was allowed to have breakfast in the morning (not the liquid diet I was stuck on for Bug’s birth) and the french toast and fresh fruit I had later in the morning tasted like it could have been from a 5 star restaurant!  lol

I spent the next 3 days just hanging out with my new little man and fighting off the boredom of the hospital.  Darling Hubby had to go to work for the week (there was really no point in him sitting in the hospital room when he could be doing something productive) and Bug had to go to school, so it was mostly just me and the nurses.  Both my mom and my mother-in-law called at one point and my friend Barbara called a couple times.  My friend Leana stopped by Monday night just as I was getting settled into my room and Shannon stopped by Tuesday night at the same time Darling Hubby brought Bug to meet his baby brother.  Other than that, the only visitors during the day were the doctors and nurses.

Family of Four
My new family of four

The meeting of the brothers was kinda what I expected.  Bug wasn’t completely sure of Fidget and was pretty wary of him.  He was really cute when we gave him the big brother gift that Fidget gave him (the Imaginext Batmobile) and he kept telling Fidget, “Thank you.”   He didn’t want to hold him at all and was pretty reluctant for me even to hold him near him.  Of course, he really just wanted to watch my tv…and go home for dinner.  lol  Darling Hubby did manage to snap this picture of them together before heading home for the night.

Brothers meeting
Bug and Fidget together for the 1st time
Daddy and Baby Fidget
Daddy and Baby Fidget

On Wednesday it was better between them and Bug actually asked to hold him.  I love this picture of the two of them.  It’s almost like he’s thinking, “Babies are like platypus’, they don’t do much, you know.”  (It’s from Phineas and Ferb…if you’ve never seen it, go check it out.)

He’s like a platypus, they don’t do much, you know!

I was sprung from the joint, a day early thanks to a slight fib, on Thursday and boy was I glad to get out of there, for 2 reasons.  The first (and best reason) was that I was getting to meet my online blogging (and fellow crochet/knitting and cat lover) friend, Barbara, for the first time.  The second reason was my roommate and I didn’t hit it off and I felt pretty alone in the room with her.

From the moment that my roommate arrived Tuesday afternoon, it was like I didn’t exist and I felt closed off.  She hardly spoke to me and kept the pink dividing curtains around her bed closed so tight it was like she was trying to lock out the world.  It didn’t help that her baby, Henry, and Fidget were on completely opposite schedules.  When her baby was awake and crying, I was trying to sleep and when Fidget was awake and crying, she was trying to sleep.   She always had visitors (and they were loud!) and they complained about everything.  At one point, when she must have thought I was sleeping, I overheard her talking to someone on her cell phone about the fact that she had to share the room and she didn’t like being close to the door and that she only had one chair for guests and a small table and that doctors and nurses were always coming in and out and it was disturbing her.  She referred to her curtained off area as the “pink prison,” but she did it to herself and I have no pity.

For me, it was tough being in the room with her and with my hormones being out of whack and the fact that I was alone and bored, I was already pretty emotional and, probably without even knowing it, she made me feel pretty low.  I’m a pretty friendly person (well, I think so anyway) and I’d hoped that since we both had newborn boys and were both moms that we might just have something in common.  The first day I gave her her privacy.  I mean, she did just give birth and was bonding with her baby and I respected that, but by Wednesday I thought maybe we could get to know each other.  I tried to start conversations when the curtains were open a tad.  I commented on her son, how he was cute, had a ton of hair (he did!), tried to make light of our battle of the babies, tried to offer her the chairs that I had in my corner, even the rocking chair, for her and her company, but all I got were short answers and the distinct feeling that I was unwelcome in my own room.  I was glad that I went down to the nurses station Thursday morning asking to be released before 1pm so we could pick up Bug from school.  I was, thankfully, released by lunchtime…she was still sitting around waiting.

The best thing about getting out a day early on Thursday was that that night I was able to meet up with Barbara and her husband Michael who flew from Colorado to Boston for his work and made a detour to NY to see me and my family and to hand deliver the beautiful hand spun and hand knit baby blanket she made for Fidget.  I’ll have pictures of it with Fidget later on.  We use it all the time, so I’m sure it will show up many times.  Barbara and Michael also hung around for our Thursday night DnD game and were able to experience my game groups’ wacky sense of humor (and their odd dislike of Laplanders…) and first edition Dungeons and Dragons.

I do have to say that Barbara and Michael are just so sweet and we have so much in common!  They are great people to know and I’m glad that I commented on her blog post about a contest for naming foster kittens over a year ago!

So, there you have it.  That’s how Fidget came into the world.  In the past 3 months since he arrived I can’t imagine my life without him or Bug.  Bug is such a good big brother and has been a great helper around the house.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when he goes back to school!  He starts Kindergarten in a few weeks!  Fidget is such a happy baby.  He smiles and talks a ton, loves tummy time, has a thing for kitties and sleeps pretty well.  Hopefully now that I’m back on the blogging bandwagon I can stay on board and keep posting so I have a running record of everything about my 2 boys.


30 Day Shred – Pilates Instead

I woke up this morning with a dull throbbing in the side of my knee and decided to give myself a break from the shred as I didn’t want to injure it further.  I still wanted to work out (like I told Nikkie who commented on a prior post, I feel guilty when I don’t, even though I don’t miss the workout if I skip it) but didn’t want the high impact of the cardio jumping with Jillian.  I’ve had a Denise Austin Pilates for Everybody DVD for many years now and knew it would be lower impact than the shred.  I bought it when Darling Hubby and I were living in our apartment, back when I was on my pilates kick (it didn’t last very long, however.)

I enjoyed the workout and felt very relaxed and stretched out afterward.  I’m sure I didn’t burn a lot of calories as I didn’t get my heart rate up, but I could feel the workout in my abs and my legs, toning and strengthening.  I think I might add this dvd to my workout routine.  I really would like to be able to fully use my abs for the pilates floor moves (the roll-ups, etc).  Right now, my abs are pretty weak and I have trouble rolling back up without using my arms to give me a boost.  It takes time, I know…I just want to see results.

I also wanted to get out for a walk today, but Bug didn’t want to go when I wanted to go and now it’s getting dreary and dark out.  I think it might rain…I’ll check the weather and maybe we can go out to play in the yard rather than a walk.  I don’t want to get caught out in the rain away from the house.  I could lug the umbrella, but it’s a golf umbrella and is rather large…

Plus, I have to straighten up my house and come up with something for dinner.  It’s our game night tonight so the gang is coming over…we didn’t decide to do dinner as a group, so we are fending for ourselves for food.  Maybe I’ll make Hamburger Helper or something fast.

Oh, and speaking of game night, I got a package in the mail from Barbara over at Knittin & Kittens.  She sent me an awesome d20 keychain!  Maybe it will be my lucky charm at the table tonight!  It’s a clear die with purplish sparkles inside.  Oddly enough, I have the same set in my collection!   Depending how they roll in my pre-game ritual (yes, I’m slightly superstitious with my dice) maybe I’ll be using that set.  Thanks Barbara!  It was an awesome little surprise in the mail today!

Off to clean…


I’m feeling so much better today!  I am so much improved from Tuesday.  I can actually swallow food and drink now without wincing in pain.  Yeah!  I can eat more than soup now, but for a lack of anything else in the house (nothing really seems appetizing) I ended up with soup again today and tonight for game night we’re planning soup and panini type sandwiches.   My throat is looking much better, too, although my right tonsil is still rather swollen.  I’m hoping that over the next few days on the antibiotics, that will improve, too.  So far, to my knowledge, no one I was around on Monday was infected.  I’m still knocking on wood that Darling Hubby and Bug remain in the clear.

I did have a stoke of luck yesterday when the dentist office called to reschedule Darling Hubby’s cleaning.  We’d scheduled both his cleaning and my next round of fillings for the same day at alternating times so one of us could stay with Bug and Darling Hubby wouldn’t have to take too much time off work, since I’m a slacker and don’t drive…I managed to reschedule both appointments for March 5th rather than February 24th.  It will give me more time to get better (the hygienist warned me about coming to an appointment with a sore throat) and be finished with my antibiotics (I’ll take the last pill that morning.)

I want to start working on the scarf to match my mittens and hat (ravelry project links).  I’d planned to work on it Tuesday and Wednesday this week but feeling like crap and worried about being contagious, I opted not to work on it at all.  Really, I just wanted to curl in in a ball and do nothing, although yesterday I did break down and clean the kitchen because we had no more cups, spoons or bowls.  Tonight is our Dungeons and Dragons role playing game so I won’t get the chance to work on it then.  I may get a chance tomorrow.  At some point this weekend I want Darling Hubby’s help in purging past documents in our filing cabinet, shredding them, and going through the papers on the desk and shelves and put them away and sorting or tossing them.   Fun stuff.

C is for Chocolate Cake Cookies

Tonight is our Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying  night and for dinner we are having some Asian style food made with fake chicken (being provided by our vegetarian friend).  I decided that for dessert I was going to try something new, something that I’d never done before.  It’s not Asian style, but it was easy and it used up the extra box of chocolate cake mix I bought for Bug’s birthday cupcakes, but didn’t need, and the half a container of cream cheese frosting that’s residing in my fridge just tempting me to eat it by the spoonful.

I read this wonderful blog called Annie’s Eats where she shares all sorts of yummy sounding recipes from baby food to pasta to homemade desserts.  A couple weeks ago she posted this recipe for Chocolate Cake Cookie Sandwiches.  It’s easy people!

Take one box of your favorite cake mix (I used a store brand deep chocolate cake mix – the original recipe from Crepes of Wrath used a spice cake mix, which sounds delightful, too) a stick of butter and 1 egg, both at room temperature.  Mix ’em together, roll dough into 1 inch balls, press flat on a cookie sheet (I used a silpat on a cookie sheet – no need to grease) and bake 8 mins.

(Sorry in advance for my crap lackluster photography.)

Ready for the oven

It’s that simple.  For the full recipe and for the homemade frosting recipe, go here)

I used a 2 tsp sized melon baller/scoop which yielded approx. 3.5 dozen cookies.


To make the sandwiches, just match them up by size and put a dollop of frosting in the middle and press together.  You can even roll them in sprinkles or other decorations to make them pretty.  They are even good enough to enjoy plain (without frosting.)

Cookie Sandwiches

Go check out Annie’s Eats.  I’m eying the red velvet cheesecake recipe.  It looks utterly divine!  I might have to get the ingredients and whip one up for Valentine’s day this year!

Plumbing is Fixed!


Darling Hubby fixed the sewer pipe last night.  It only cost us about $100 dollars and 3 trips to 2 different Home Depots, Walmart, Kmart, Target and finally Lowes so we could get a replacement saw blade for his Black & Decker Navigator.  Those things are darn hard to track down.  No one had them but Lowes.  We finally got the whole thing finished and cleaned up by 6pm.  We started after lunch and spent much of the afternoon driving around looking for blades so we could cut the cast iron pipe off.  Replacing it took all of 15 minutes.

After Bug went to bed Darling Hubby and I had a date night were we curled up together on the couch and watched Tropic Thunder.  It was an OK movie.  Darling Hubby raved about how funny it was and while I did find it funny in parts I wouldn’t say it was my all time favorite movie.  Would I watch it again?  Yes, I think I would.  I’m sure there are things I missed the first watch through.  I think the best part had to be Robert Downy Jr. “playing a dude, disguised as another dude” and the “trailers” at the beginning.  I think, overall, it was a good story, but some of the language and topics might be offensive to some.

Today I baked 2 pumpkin pies.  I don’t think I should have been allowed to cook today, though.  I kept forgetting to add the salt to everything…first the pie crust and then one of the pie fillings. *slaps self in forehead*  I think I managed to fix it well enough.  I hope they are edible.  I’ll be pretty disappointed if they aren’t.  I hate wasting good food.  They smell and look good though.

I still have to make another batch of the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins for Thanksgiving.  I thought they were so good that I want to share them with Darling Hubby’s family and my parents.  I told my mom about them and she even wants the recipe.  I’ll probably do that Wednesday.  I think tomorrow I have to figure out how to make kaiser rolls.  Anyone have a good recipe they want to share?  Darling Hubby wants to make BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner tomorrow and we don’t have any good rolls.  I think I’ll whip up some pizza dough in the bread machine (a thing on the internet said lean dough, like pizza) and try that…At least Darling Hubby is on vacation this whole week so he’ll be around to help me.  We ended up canceling our game night tomorrow since one player couldn’t make it like he thought.  I’m debating on skipping craft night too and just staying home with Darling Hubby since he is on vacation.  I’ll still get to work on my crafts…I just won’t spend the time with the girls.  I guess it all depends on how nuts Darling Hubby drives me tomorrow!  lol

Off to take something for this headache that is developing and work some more on the cream colored scarf.  I got a little over 2 feet done.  Only a few more to go!


I’m knitting a scarf for my mom for Christmas and it’s going along well.  I’m trying to decide if I want to make her a hat to go along with it.  If that’s the case…I need more yarn…I think I’ll be done with the scarf tonight at craft night.  I only have about 20 more inches to go to get it the desired length.  I think I’ll have enough yarn.  The skein I’m using only had a little taken out of it.  I know I won’t have enough for a hat, though.  I’m also planning a scarf for someone else (who may stumble on this blog) and I’d like to use the same knit every row pattern that I’m doing using the same needles, but I’d use a light color yarn (cream) and for some reason the size 8 Boye needles I have leave bluish/black marks on my fingers from where the paint is coming off and I’m afraid it will leave dirty marks on light yarn.  I dislike that my needles leave the marks.  I don’t think it’s from anything I’ve done wrong.  I just think it’s a crappy pair of needles.  I got them as part of an I can learn to knit kit.  I didn’t have the trouble with my purple size 6’s.

I also have to decide if I want to make a scarf on the circular needles I borrowed from my friend.  They are still too long for what I had originally intended to use them for but I was thinking I could do a scarf, in the round, length wise rather than going row by row on the width.  Maybe I could avoid the curling that happened to my stockinette stitch scarf I made myself.   Just a thought.  I think I’d also like to make a hat for this person, too.  I’ve got a perfect pattern picked out.  I’ll have to see.

So, the things I need to finish before Christmas are:

  • Red Knit scarf (mostly done)
  • Cream Knit scarf (not started)
  • 2 crocheted hats – red and cream – (not started)
  • Grandpa’s Blanket (mostly done – couple more rows and fringe)
  • Convertible Flap Mittens (not started, but these won’t take long)
  • Deer Stalker Hat for my Dad (this is mostly done, but I hit a snag point and I’m having trouble moving on.
  • Darling Hubby’s sweater (I don’t necessarily have to finish this, but it would be nice)

I’m sure I’ll have something else to add to the list.  It always seems to work that way.  Hopefully I can cross off some stuff, in the next few days.  I also still have to paint my minotaur mini…we may be playing next week depending on everyone’s schedule.

Minotaurs and Muffins

So Darling Hubby wasn’t happy with the fact that I wasn’t happy with the minotaur mini we bought yesterday so he went out this afternoon and bought a new one that is actually more suited to what I need for my character.  This one is a a closer scale to the rest of the minis and is more of what I wanted.  It has it’s mouth closed so it doesn’t look like a pot bellied bovine version of Gene Simmons and the weapon it is holding is closer to what my character has, which is a bonus.  The horns aren’t exactly what I was looking for, but I’ll live with it.  I just have to get it painted this week as well as finish my character sheet.

Aside from sleeping til 11 this morning I did manage to finally make the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins I’ve heard so much about from my baby board.  I have yet to try one fully cooled, but they are pretty darn good warm.  It kinda reminded me of zucchini bread.  I love zucchini bread.  I’ll let you know the final verdict tomorrow.

I’m waiting for it to get warm in here from the fire Darling Hubby just built., so I’m off to make a nice warm cup of tea and get back to knitting.