35 Week Update

This was written on Wednesday, 4/14, but because I’m feeling rather lazy lately and didn’t get my belly picture taken until Friday, it’s not getting posted until Sunday…oh well!  lol

Week: 35 weeks

Weight gain total: 28lbs…I’m actually OK with this.  I’ve got about 4 more weeks (If I have a c-section, it will probably be at 39 weeks) and if I can keep my weight gain at the recommended 1lb/week, I think I”ll be ok.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I haven’t been craving anything really.  I’ve still been wanting chocolate and ice cream.  I have been eating lots of fresh fruit (grapefruit, strawberries, bananas) but I have also been bad in the junk food department, munching on the candy that Bug got for Easter.

Sleep: I’ve still been hit or miss in the sleeping department.  I’m still waking up at least once to go to the bathroom (around 3am) and change positions (it’s still easier to get out of bed than to just roll over) and sometimes it’s just hard for me to fall back to sleep.  The leg cramps are still present, but only if I don’t eat a banana before bed…like last night.  Last night I also had some very strange and vivid dreams…they were all random and didn’t make sense.

Belly Button and Stretch Marks: I’m still an innie, but it’s getting shallower and the top pokes out and the stretch marks are still there.   I’m also starting to sport the faint beginnings of the Linea Nigra.  I’m actually surprised that it didn’t show up sooner like it did with Bug’s pregnancy.

Baby: OUCH!  That’s all I have to say!  Last night and today Fidget was moving around a ton and it was really painful.  I think he’s pressing on my prior c-section scar.  I actually had to get up and walk around to get him to shift position and stop.

Symptoms: I’m still waking up to pee a couple times a night and the leg cramps at night are still there.  I have found that if I don’t eat a banana before going to bed, I get leg cramps…last night for instance.  I’ve also noticed that I have episodes where I start feeling shaky and weak and after I’m really tired.  I asked the dr about it and he said it’s probably just a low blood sugar thing and that I should eat and drink something.  My blood count from 2 weeks ago came back fine, so I’m not anemic…I was going to ask about that in combo with the shaky feeling since taking my prenatal vitamin seems to help.

Nesting: I had Darling Hubby bring down several bins of baby clothes from the attic so I could sort through them, reorganize them, label them and put them back in the attic.  It was good that I did.  I found the hooded towels I was missing.  I just have to wash the next batch of baby laundry…I just haven’t been feeling it lately…

Appointments: I had a dentist appointment on Monday for a quick filling.  It wasn’t near as bad as I imagined and I’m glad I got it out of the way prior to the baby’s arrival.  I did notice that when the dentist would start drilling, Fidget would start moving around a ton…I don’t think he cared for the drill any more than I did!

I had my 35 week appointment this morning (Wednesday) with Dr. O.  Fidget’s heartbeat was at 138bpm.  He was resting, so it was lower than last time.  He did have the hiccups while I was driving to the appointment and from that I was able to tell he was still head down.  The dr said we’ll schedule the weight check for 38 weeks, so I should know specifically sometime in the next 2 weeks.  I did learn that they do not induce for VBACs, which kinda screws with my plan, but if I’m allowed to go into labor on my own, I’d like that…I’m actually hoping for 37 weeks, so keep those fingers crossed for me!  I still feel owed after being forced to go to 42 weeks with Bug!  The dr did say that I could just elect to have a c-section prior to 40 weeks if I don’t want to wait for the baby to make up his mind.  I’m hoping he’s not going to be as stubborn as his big brother in the l&d department.  The dr did seem to think that Fidget will be much smaller than Bug, esp since I haven’t gained a ton of weight this time.  I go back in next week on Monday at 35 weeks 5 days.  It’s with one of the delivery doctors I haven’t seen yet, so I need to get in a little earlier than my preferred Wednesday time slot.

Preparing for baby: Like I said before, I found the missing hooded towels and added them to the laundry basket, which still needs to be tackled.  We still need to bring down, wash/disinfect the swing.  I bought a wicker basket to put on the changing table for storing the diapers and boxes of wipes (I got it on sale at Joann’s Crafts for less than $8, originally $20.)  I’m thinking we should at some point soon, install the infant carrier in the car so it ‘s done and we don’t have to worry about it later…esp since I’ll be considered full term in 2 weeks.  I want to attempt breastfeeding again this time since it didn’t work out so well with Bug.  I do need to wash several of the bottles and things just in case I end up needing to formula feed.  I also need to find a touch lamp for on top of the dresser in the baby’s room so I don’t have to turn the big light on in the middle of the night.  Other than that, I think we are pretty well prepared.

Other stuff on my mind: I started to pack up a bag for the hospital.  So far I’ve got some travel size shampoos and a toothbrush/mini tube of toothpaste kit.  I figure it would be better to pack a few little small things rather than rushing around trying to pack the big versions of those things while I’m in labor or having Darling Hubby collect it all and bring it later.  I’ve also got some snacks, a book to read, and some warm socks.  I’m going to toss in my smaller bathrobe, too.

Here’s a picture that was taken on Friday at 35 weeks, 3 days.  Pardon my hair…not a good hair day that day.  lol

35 weeks 3 days

35 weeks, 3 days pregnant


33 Week Update

Week: 33 weeks

Weight gain total: 25lbs…That’s 1 more pound in 2 weeks, not bad.  I can live with that.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I’m still eating my pretty much daily grapefruit and I still love my pudding.  I’m out of ice cream, which is probably a good thing…lol  I did make  5 dozen dark chocolate, butterscotch chip coconut cookies this week and will be making some Apple Cinnamon Butterscotch Muffins on Thursday for a friends Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning.   I’ve been really trying to eat well.

Sleep: My sleeping has improved a lot.  I’ve been sleeping with a pillow between my knees, which seems to help.  Tuesday night, though, I was sweating profusely and had a nasty leg cramp that woke me up around 4am.  I do have some trouble rolling from my left side to my right (I’m like a turtle stuck on it’s shell), so sometimes it’s just easier to get up and go to the bathroom than roll over.

Belly Button and Stretch Marks: I’m still an innie and I’ve had stretch marks since probably around 30 weeks or so.  I had them with Bug’s pregnancy, so I just assumed that I’d have them this time around, too, and I was right.

Baby: Baby Fidget’s movements are still painful sometimes.  He’s still sitting head down, with his butt around my belly button.    He’s either pushing with his feet or his hands along my hips (usually my left one) and pressing up with his butt.  Ouch!  Sometimes when he turns around it literally stops me in my tracks.  It’s no fun when I’m driving!

Symptoms: My wrist is feeling much better.  I think I just strained it rather than it being carpel tunnel.  The brace did help though and I’ve been able to go back to my crocheting and knitting.  I’ve noticed I’ve started having more leg cramps at night, though, which is pretty painful.  I still have to pee a lot, too.

Appointments: I had my 33 week dr appointment yesterday morning.  Baby is looking good.  Heart rate was 148bpm and is constantly moving.  I had to have a bit of extra blood work done because someone forgot to put a CBC (blood cell count) on the order with my glucose test.  It was an easy fix with just a simple blood draw, so I was ok with it…I did ask the dr about my chances for an early delivery.  He confirmed that I’ll have my weight check ultrasound at 38 weeks (according to my calculations, that would be around May 5th) and everything else would depend on my cervix and if it’s shortening and thinning…I’m still hoping for an early delivery…I still feel owed!  lol

Here is a picture taken last night.  You can see my new haircut…pardon it’s frizzy-ness.  I went to bed with it wet the night before and that’s something I just shouldn’t do!  lol  Plus, the constantly wet weather we’ve had recently hasn’t helped!

33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant

32 Week Update – Yay 8 Months!

I’m 8 months pregnant (as of yesterday)!  Yay!  Every day is a step closer to meeting Baby Fidget!  Physically I’m ready (although I know I’ve got at least 5 more weeks until I’m considered “full term.”)  I’m tired of sleeping on my sides (my poor hips) and lugging around the extra weight, but I’m not sure I’m mentally ready for that 2nd baby just yet.  I have to wrap my head about the fact that I’ll have a 2nd child and that I’m going to have to work around different schedules for him, Bug and Darling Hubby, especially having just one car!  At least I finally decided to wash some of the smaller baby clothes this morning.  We still need to pick out a coming home outfit (which is something I want Bug to have a hand in), but we haven’t found anything we really like yet and I’m not sure, but we might be waiting to find out how big he’s going to be before we buy something.

Week: 32 weeks

Weight gain total: 24lbs as of yesterday morning…I haven’t gained anything since last week.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I’ve really tried to not eat a ton, just eating a good meal when I’m hungry and trying to cut back on the snacks.  I’ve still had the ice cream and the occasional chips and candy, but I’m trying to go easy.  I’m just thankful the STARVING feeling has dissipated.

Cravings/Aversions/What I’ve Been Enjoying This Week: I’m still wanting chocolate and as with Bug’s pregnancy, lunch meat.  I’d really love to have a turkey sub with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese on it.  I’ve still be eating my ice cream and I wanted pudding the other day (both chocolate, of course.)

Sleep: My sleeping has not improved.  It’s killing me to sleep on my sides.  I wake up every morning with pain in my hips and when I get up in the night to go pee, I walk like an old lady with pain in my back.  Many times in the night I’ll wake up to my shoulders hurting or my arms asleep.  I’ve been having so much trouble turning over, too.  Last night I rolled onto my back and felt like a turtle turned on it’s shell.  I had to roll back and forth a bit before I could get momentum enough to roll to my other side.  I also get tangled up in the sheets, which sucks…

Clothing: Friday, I picked up some  Basic Edition tops from Kmart on clearance/sale.  I decided to buy regular shirts rather than maternity shirts so I can wear them after the pregnancy.

Baby: Baby Fidget’s movements have actually become a little more painful.  I believe he’s still sitting head down like the dr said, with his butt around my belly button.    He’s either pushing with his feet or his hands along my hips (usually my left one) and pressing up with his butt.  Ouch!

Symptoms: My wrist is still hurting.  I have been wearing a wrist brace quite often.   Today it actually feels much better, although it’s still a little sore.  I took the brace off last night to give it a rest.   I’m actually not sure if it’s true Pregnancy Induced Carpel Tunnel or if I just pulled/tore a muscle.  The pain I feel is on the top of my wrist and really hurts when I move my wrist a certain way or if I pick things up.  I’m still holding off on knitting/crocheting.  Instead I’ve been trying to scrapbook a bit, which isn’t as strenuous.   Computer work, oddly enough, doesn’t really affect it.

Appointments: Darling Hubby and I both had dentist appointments Tuesday for cleanings.  I found that this cleaning was a little more brutal than past experiences.  I bled pretty badly, but the hygienist assured me that it was just a pregnancy side effect.  In fact, it’s one of the main reasons I though I might have been pregnant from the start.  My gums bled badly when I flossed before my last dentist appointment 6 months ago…Unfortunately, I do have to go back on the 12th for a small filling.  One of the teeth I had filled a little over a year ago, the one that I broke, has a slight chip out of the top of  it.  It’s only a small chip, but to me feels like a canyon and I’ve noticed small bits of food, like strawberry seeds, get caught in it.  I opted to have it taken care of prior to Baby Fidget’s arrival, mainly so I don’t have to find a sitter (Bug will be in school) and so I don’t push it off and let it get worse.

I go back next Wednesday at 33 weeks for my next doctors appointment.  I’m debating on talking with the dr about when to schedule the weight check ultrasound…I worry it may be to early in their eyes to start thinking about it, but I need to start thinking about getting dates together so I can find coverage for who is going to watch Bug.  The coverage I had lined up fell through for reasons I won’t go into here, so I feel the need to plan.  In theory, I’d love to have the weight check at 37 weeks and based on that, either be induced or have the c-section  before 38 weeks.  In a way, I kinda feel that I’m owed an early delivery because they let me go to 42 weeks with Bug and he was nearly 10lbs.  I want a small baby this time around and I’m really hoping to have a VBAC.  Maybe I’ll just go into labor on my own.  🙂  That would be nice.  lol  In reality, I do just want a healthy baby.

Here’s a picture that Bug took for me last night:

32 Weeks Pregnant - 8 Months

32 Weeks Pregnant - 8 Months

No More Dentists & 30 Day Shred – Day 23

I got up this morning at 7 to a whimpering Bug who said his leg hurt.  I ate the other half of Bug’s discarded banana, which I smeared with peanut butter and did day 23 of the Shred.  It was a good workout and I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m getting better, especially with the sit-ups.  I’m still doing the modified ones, but they are getting a little easier.  I doubt I’ll ever do them like Natalie, though…I was feeling a little dizzy afterward and I think it was because I didn’t eat as much as I usually do and I didn’t wait as long as I normally do before working out.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

After my shred and shower I got ready to go to the dentist.  Bug had his second cleaning and I had my final round of fillings.  I just want to say that I NEVER want to go through fillings again!  Of the three rounds of fillings, this was the worst.  I got the customary 2 shots of Novacaine and the dental dam, complete with that clamp on my back tooth…it pinched the inside of my gum horribly!  Insert the drill and here comes the pain.  I could feel EVERYTHING!  I got a 3rd needle full of Novacaine and we thought I’d be good to go.  It worked for the last 2 times…wrong…They reapplied the dental dam and again started drilling.  OUCH!  I could still feel ever spin of the drill and the clamp was still pinching something fierce.  Dr. Liang ended up taking everything out again and giving me several shots of a local anesthetic right on the inside of my teeth, the outside, everywhere.  We waiting a few minutes and we tried again.  Thankfully this time it was numb-er, but I could still feel the drilling in places…at least it was bearable.  To top everything off, my jaw decided that it was going to lock up, probably because of the Novacaine and for the longest time I had a hell of a time opening my mouth wide enough so he could work.  It’s over and done with now…my jaw is still pretty sore and it hurts to open it very wide.  I think I’m going to go easy on eating something…maybe some soup or something.  I’m starving…my half a banana is gone…I do have to say that Dr. Liang and his assistant Lauren were great.  They were so patient with me through everything and didn’t complain or bawlk at the idea of starting and stopping.  They really wanted my experience to be pain free…well as pain free as getting your teeth drilled out and filled can be!  lol

On a good note, Bug got a clean bill of dental health.  He did so well for the hygienist and was talking non stop when she didn’t have an implement in his mouth.  He even had the dentist and his patient in the next cubicle laughing with all the silly and random things he was saying.  He does have a chipped front tooth (which we have no clue how he chipped), but they aren’t concerned since it’s still a baby tooth and will fall out in the next couple years anyway.  I’m so glad he does well and isn’t scared.  I just hope he never has to endure what Darling Hubby and I have gone through.

I’m off to find something to eat and crochet more on the lavender baby blanket.  I’m almost done with it and I’m very happy with how it’s coming out.   I just hope the recipient likes it as much as I do!

Six More Fillings Down

Three more to go!  My trip to the dentist yesterday wasn’t terrible…it wasn’t great, either, but what trip to get fillings done is ever great?  I had to have 6 fillings done on the top 2 quadrants; 3 on each side.  Since I knew from the last time I had fillings done that I needed extra Novocaine to make sure I was completely numb, I put in a request.  This time, Dr. Liang made sure to give me extra (3-4 shots) on each side.  He did all the drilling, filling and shaping on the right side without problem.  It took about an hour.  Lauren, his assistant was right there and did a fabulous job of keeping me from drowning (or so it felt).  By the time he finished the right side, it was around noon, so Lauren switched with another assistant and went to eat her lunch.  I don’t know the new girls name, but I’ve learned that I really appreciate the job Lauren was doing.  It’s no fun feeling like you are drowning in your own spit and trying your best not to swallow while the dentist is using that drill that vibrates down to your very soul.  Thankfully, Lauren came back quickly.  Oh, and we’ve come to the conclusion that I need extra, extra Novocaine on my left side.  By the time Dr. Liang started drilling, I was able to feel the drill…again…Thankfully, one extra shot did the trick and it took about another hour to do the last set.  I got out of there around 1, two hours of being in the chair.

Darling Hubby had a cleaning at 10:30 and decided to take Bug in with him rather than leave him with me in the waiting room and then trying to shuttle him around from one parent to the other.  They took me back just a few minutes before Darling Hubby was done (my appt was at 11) and the alone time let me read some of my book and chat with another mom in the waiting room.  Bug was a good boy while Daddy was in the chair getting poked and prodded.  He even got some little treats from the hygienist.  He got another new toothbrush (he now has 3 new tooth brushes in the cupboard in the bathroom), a timer for timing how long he brushes (unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well) a couple packs of crayons and a coloring book and a sticker with a dog that looks like our dog Max.

I have one more appointment for fillings…only 3 more on the bottom right.  It’s not until the end of May, on the same day and time as Bug’s next cleaning.  Daddy will take him in to see the hygeinst and Mr. Tickles, while I see Mr. Drill again…lol

Oh, on the craft front, I’ve finished the back panel of Darling Hubby’s Gatsby sweater.  It feels good to have it done.  I started on the front yesterday and so far so good.  I think that I have finally figured out the pattern and how it needs to work to keep the right number of stitches.  Hopefully, it won’t take too long to get the front done and then I can start on the sleeves.  I just hope that after all the work I put into it that it actually fits him properly.  It just looks huge and I’m concerned it’s going to be overly baggy.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Debt Free! Yahoo!

Well, not completely, but I just paid off our credit card with a portion of our federal tax refund!  That’s HUGE!  That will save us around $100-200 each month.   Now I’m hoping that we can just keep from putting anything on the credit card for a while.  I haven’t used mine in months and when I did it was for something small and I paid it off right away.  It didn’t help that we’d paid it off all the credit card debt last year and then I coerced Darling Hubby into getting an X-box and Rock Band, ended up putting it on his card where we had a promotional interest rate (so long as it was paid on time)…and then paid it one day late a few months later.  But I have to say, the X-box was a good investment.  We’ve been using it and having fun and that’s what matters, right?

Darling Hubby got a small raise…it’s not even the cost of living, but we’ll make due.  We’ve got some money in savings and are getting a decent refund from the state…whenever they get around to giving us our money back…they are taking forever!   I’m just hoping that the rest of my dental work doesn’t drain everything…I don’t think that it will, but you never know.  I go in tomorrow for 6 more fillings.  Eeep!  The first round wasn’t that bad…fingers crossed this round goes as smoothly.  I’m just going to ask for additional novacaine in advance so we don’t have to stop work to get more.

On another good note, I’ve picked up Darling Hubby’s Gatsby sweater that I started eons ago and have made a vow with myself (in front of Rose and Leana, my crafting buddies, so I have witnesses!) that I am not going to pick up another craft project until this sweater is finished.  Kinda like a lent thing, giving up all other projects til this one is done…I’m hoping that I’ll get it done within a month.  It’s still kinda chilly outside, but with March roaring in like a lion with a small winter snowstorm, it might not be sweater weather come the end of the month when it goes out like a lamb.  I’ve at least finished the back panel and have started to work on the back neckline.  I’m actually looking forward to getting it done.  It will be one less WIP that will be hanging around in my craft trunk.  Actually, it’s really the only thing I have going that needs to be finished…

I think I’m going to go work on it for a little while, while Bug plays with his play-doh, and see how far I can get on it before I need to start making homemade pizza for dinner.  Yum!  Oh, this chili recipe that I linked to in my last Food for Friday post was a big hit with the family.  I substituted ground turkey for the beef, used a 16oz jar of Toastitos salsa, used a 15oz can of tomato sauce and  6oz can of tomato paste and omitted the corn.  It was great.  I think the only thing would have made it better would have been if we had some corn chips to dip in it.  I think I’ll have the leftovers for lunch!


I’m feeling so much better today!  I am so much improved from Tuesday.  I can actually swallow food and drink now without wincing in pain.  Yeah!  I can eat more than soup now, but for a lack of anything else in the house (nothing really seems appetizing) I ended up with soup again today and tonight for game night we’re planning soup and panini type sandwiches.   My throat is looking much better, too, although my right tonsil is still rather swollen.  I’m hoping that over the next few days on the antibiotics, that will improve, too.  So far, to my knowledge, no one I was around on Monday was infected.  I’m still knocking on wood that Darling Hubby and Bug remain in the clear.

I did have a stoke of luck yesterday when the dentist office called to reschedule Darling Hubby’s cleaning.  We’d scheduled both his cleaning and my next round of fillings for the same day at alternating times so one of us could stay with Bug and Darling Hubby wouldn’t have to take too much time off work, since I’m a slacker and don’t drive…I managed to reschedule both appointments for March 5th rather than February 24th.  It will give me more time to get better (the hygienist warned me about coming to an appointment with a sore throat) and be finished with my antibiotics (I’ll take the last pill that morning.)

I want to start working on the scarf to match my mittens and hat (ravelry project links).  I’d planned to work on it Tuesday and Wednesday this week but feeling like crap and worried about being contagious, I opted not to work on it at all.  Really, I just wanted to curl in in a ball and do nothing, although yesterday I did break down and clean the kitchen because we had no more cups, spoons or bowls.  Tonight is our Dungeons and Dragons role playing game so I won’t get the chance to work on it then.  I may get a chance tomorrow.  At some point this weekend I want Darling Hubby’s help in purging past documents in our filing cabinet, shredding them, and going through the papers on the desk and shelves and put them away and sorting or tossing them.   Fun stuff.