Food For Friday 1/5 – 1/18/2009

So after much running around to get Darling Hubby an eye exam and new glasses (since he hasn’t been since May 2004…and started noticing he couldn’t see as well anymore), some yarn for a sweater that I want to work on (after I start working on Darling Hubby’s sweater again and finish up the stash busting dog blankets to get rid of some of those little balls of yarn that are taking up room in my yarn box) and to the game store for comics, we decided it was time to finally sit down for leftovers for dinner, make our grocery list, update the freezer list (the one in the basement), do the dishes and clean out the fridge (egads!)   Lord only knows how long some of that stuff was in there… But now, I have a fridge free of the green mold monster and lots of space to put the food from tomorrow’s grocery trip.  What a way to start 2009!

Monday – Craft Night – Rose’s turn to cook
Tuesday Rosemary-Dijon Pork Chops with Oven Roasted Potatoes and Butternut Squash
Wednesday Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu
Thursday – Game Night – Dinner TBD
Friday – Tacos
Saturday – Chicken Salad (Marinated chicken breast strips over lettuce)
Sunday – Hamburgers

Monday – Craft Night – Leana’s turn to cook
Tuesday – Spaghetti
Wednesday Cheeseburger Roll-up
Thursday – Spam, eggs and hashbrowns
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – Left overs or something from the freezer stash
Sunday – Left overs or something from the freezer stash


Doctors Appointment

So yesterday was my drs appt. Things went well. My doctor (Dr. Rachelle Brilliant) was really nice. She’s young and a new doctor, but she was very thorough and had a great bedside manner. I was comfortable with her. She did the whole exam and asked the Resident to come in and look in my eyes too. They got this weird scope thing that gives them a better look in my eyes without dilating them. The Resident saw a dark partial ring around my retina in both eyes. The one in the left eye seemed broken up. Since he only does a couple eye exams a day he felt it would be best for me to see a specialist since he’d never seen that before, even with the funny scope he had. So, they are referring me to an ophthalmologist. Hopefully I’ll get some answers then…whenever that appt is. I’m waiting for that call.

Oh, so I finally know what my blood pressure is (112/72) and my resting pulse rate is 84. That’s good at least. I’ll go in again probably some time next week to have blood drawn to check my cholesterol. I’m a little scared about that as I am not the most health conscious person. I try to eat healthy, but I do eat my share of fatty and junky foods. Hopefully that will be ok.

Oh, and my new glasses came in. We picked them up after the drs appt. I’m still getting used to them, but really since I’ve gotten them, the spot has decreased in frequency. I’m starting to wonder if my eyes were just compensating to much for the fact that my prescription was too strong (since my eyes improved (no more astigmatism)) and it was causing weird things…Oh, and good old Aunty Flo paid her visit yesterday morning too…I wonder if it could also be a hormonal thing, too. I’ll keep you all posted on how things are going. Thanks for all the concern. Oh, and I’ll post a picture of me in my new glasses when I get the chance to take one.

New Glasses

So I started seeing a weird spot in my field of vision in my left eye today. I’d never had it before and had no other symptoms of anything, but Darling Hubby was still concerned. We went to our eye place and they got in me pretty quickly. They checked me out from top to bottom (of my eyes, that is) and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. They even fully dilated my eyes (which sucks in bright sunlight!) to get a better look, but they found nothing. In fact, they said that my eyes have actually improved!!! I no longer have my astigmatism so they’ve lowered my prescription. Woot! I’m still seeing the weird spot in my vision occasionally this afternoon, but I’m beginning to think it’s just because I’m super tired. Hopefully, it will just go away. Oh, the eye dr did have a theory. It could be an ocular migraine. Some people get weird vision followed by headaches, some people just get the headaches and some just get the vision thing. I have been getting headaches lately, but nothing an Excedrin won’t fix. At any rate, I did need new glasses. I’m terrible about keeping up on my getting my eyes checked (it’s been over 3 years since I got new glasses), mainly because we don’t have an insurance that will cover it and for just me getting a compete eye exam, new everyday frames and lenses and new lenses in my old sunglass frames it cost me nearly $800.00. Darling Hubby was a wee bit annoyed, but not at me. He should get his done too, but since we just shelled out that amount on me, he’ll probably wait.

So, in about 1-2 weeks, my new glasses should be ready. They only had one of my everyday lenses in stock so they had to order the other one. So, as soon as they are ready, I’ll have a new picture to share with everyone. According to everyone, the new frames are an “odd shape,” but they look nice on me. At least I think they do…My eyes were dilated and I was blind as a bat for the most part while choosing frames. Hopefully, they will look good later.